Ages 30 to 33 Months<br>Creative Mind Toy Box - Spec Kid Club

Ages 30 to 33 Months
Creative Mind Toy Box

  1. Sand Shapes. Great for open ended outdoor play. Allows your chiled to build imaginative shapes and structures, promoting sensory development.
  2. Doctor Kit. Allow your child to express the actions they are taking and to demonstrate them using their emotional skills.
  3. Drawing Board. Letters and numbers come to life as your child practices his or her writing skills. Tracing and naming letters are key early learning activities.
  4. The Bear Paw. The bear paw shoes are fun but also aid balance and strengthen your toddler’s gross motor skills.
  5. Magic Bee Board. Pulling the bees out of the hive is great for building fine motor skills.

Each SPEC Kid Club toy assortment comes with an At-Home Preschool Curriculum booklet, giving you hands-on creative learning lessons for your child.

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