Ages 3 to 6 Months<br>My Very Own Magic Toy Box - Spec Kid Club

Ages 3 to 6 Months
My Very Own Magic Toy Box

  1. Spec Magic Box. Problem solving and engaging visual cues are what this silly box is about.
  2. Sensory Ball. Stimulates your infant’s fine motor development.
  3. Owl Play Mat. Allows your infant to stretch and develop physical skills, while visually stimulating him or her with bright colors.
  4. Reversing Bead Ball. This toy is perfect for safe teething and development of motor skills.
  5. Discovery Ball. Shapes and colors make this a great toy for early the months.
  6. Hand Puppets. Promotes language with sensory interaction.

Each SPEC Kid Club toy assortment comes with an At-Home Preschool Curriculum booklet, giving you hands-on creative learning lessons for your child.

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