Creative Minds Toys Box for Two-Year-Old Children

  • The Creative Mind Toy Box includes sensory, physical, emotional and cognitive development toys for children ages 30 to 33 months.
  • The Spec Kid Club box of toys for children ages 30 to 33 months include the following: clay construction, bee board, drawing board, bear paw shoes and a doctor set.
  • The clay allows for children to have sensory awareness while using their imagination to construct any shapes using the clay provided.
  • The bee board allows children to use their pincer grasp later used for writing which helps children coordinate their fine motor skills
  • The bear paw shoes can be worn around the house or outside and strengthen gross motor and spatial awareness in children.
  • The drawing board can help children practice tracing and naming letters, improving communication with the use of the following two and three step commands from caregivers.
  • The doctor play set will help children use their imagination as they care for adults and toys around the house promoting empathy and self-care skills for young children

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