The Magical Two’s - Just Play with Me Toy Box

  • Toy Box called “The Magical Two’s—Just Play with Me Toy Box” includes sensory, physical, emotional and cognitive development toys for children ages 24 to 27 months.
  • Toy Box includes calculating beads, fruit set, drawing set of dots, letter board and loops.
  • Calculating beads will help your child with fine motor development and understanding mathematical concepts such as less than and more than which will help with cognitive development as well.
  • The fruit set will help your child use the toys to practice cutting as well as promote fine motor development
  • The drawing set of dots will foster creativity and enrich the life of learning how to write for chidden ages 24 to 27 months.
  • The loops can be sued inside or outside to jump in and out and have a game with children while promoting lower body strength and coordination, enhancing gross motor abilities.

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