My Very Own Toddler Explorer Toy Box

  • My Very Own Toddler Explorer Toy box includes sensory, physical, emotional and cognitive development toys for children ages 12 to 15 months.
  • Baby piano, tractor bear, pounding toy, wooden bell teether, sorting board, my family pretend play set—these are the toys in this box for children ages 12 to 15 months.
  • For sensory, engage with the colorful piano daily, playing different keys and engaging in patterned key striking to form a beat and songs.
  • Demonstrate cause and effect by pulling the toy fast and slow to promote cognitive development with the tractor bear pounding toy.
  • Provide opportunities daily for your toddler to grasp and lift the wooden bell toy, allowing them to reach up to hand you the toy. Also, have them shake the toy to create sound to stimulate auditory senses. By engaging with the wooden toy in this manner, you will be strengthening their finger, hand and wrist muscles.
  • Provide daily opportunities of imaginary play using the family character toys which are the family pretend set within the Spec Kid Club Box.

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