Our Mission

Spec Kid Club was born out of the belief that every parent should be able to give their child the absolute best when it comes to opportunities for their future. You do all the hard “labor” of having the baby and raising them, so meeting their developmental and educational needs should be left to the experts right?
We recognized the crucial milestones in the first 3 years of development for our children and how their environment and activities set the stage for future success. That’s about the first 1,000 days of your child’s life you have to maximize their developmental milestones and set the stage for how they learn throughout life!
We also recognized the struggles, the time, the research and confusion parents were going through to fully meet those developmental needs at home and maximize their child’s potential. Trying to figure out exactly what type of activity would stimulate their baby’s mind or researching what type of toys would do that was an exhaustive task for our new parents. So we decided to make it easier on you…
and created Spec KID CLUB!
Spec Kid Club was created to solve that problem and make it simple, fun and meaningful for current parents (and future parents!) to spend time together as a family while maximizing their child’s potential!
We’ve gathered field driven data from over fifteen years of educational work (and personal experience!) in preschools, learning centers and daycares, to truly understand what activities children must engage in, when and how! We’ve done the research for you so you know exactly what to do at each stage of their development in order to achieve and surpass the milestones laid out to increase their potential.
Now, it is our mission to bring awareness to parents of children in the most crucial years of their development and offer age-appropriate toys and activities with guided materials all the way from birth to 5 years old, so you as the parent can rest assured that you are maximizing your child’s potential.
We love creating and testing new toys and now we welcome you to our SPEC KID CLUB family So excited to see all the wonderful things you and your child do together to grow and can’t wait to see you play!
The Entire Spec Team

About Us

Spec Kid Club is a team of parents, teachers, and educational specialists who have come together to advance the field of early childhood education. Spec Kid Club brings awareness to parents through guided materials and developmentally appropriate toys. Spec Kid Club will help further enlighten future parents and current families on how to best educate children ages birth through five years old. Spec Kid Club has gathered field data through fifteen years of educational work in preschools to understand what children need to play with, how they need to play and what milestones they need to achieve to gain the most potential in brain development.