1. Who are we?

Spec Kid Club is a team of parents, teachers, and educational specialists who have come together to advance the field of early childhood education. Spec Kid Club brings awareness to parents through guided materials and developmentally appropriate toys. Spec Kid Club will help further enlighten future parents and current families on how to best educate children ages birth through five years old. Spec Kid Club has gathered field data through fifteen years of educational work in preschools to understand what children need to play with, how they need to play and what milestones they need to achieve to gain the most potential in brain development.

2. How does membership work?

Choose your plan:

Choose the age of your child above and you will be re-directed to find the box right for your baby. Toys and play-based systems are available for infants, toddlers, preschoolers as well as for special baby showers and baby birthday party gift ideas.

We build your box:

Products for Infants, Products for Toddlers, Products for Preschoolers, Baby Showers and Gift Ideas for Babies allow Spec Kid Club to customize your box for the special occasion or the at-home preschool curriculum which can be delivered to your home quarterly.
We deliver:
Our baby toys are customized and delivered every 3 months to your doorstep. If you want to give a special birthday gift or baby shower gift, our customized packages are available for a one-time purchase as well.

3. When do Spec boxes ship out?

Your box will ship out 2-3 business days after purchase and will arrive within 7-10 business days after purchase order confirmation.

4. How often are the boxes delivered?

With the membership benefits, SPEC delivers curated boxes every 90 days to your home. SPEC will begin with the correct age of your child and will use his or her developmental milestones to ship a box based on the age of the child. With the BUY option, SPEC will send a one-time box for a birthday or baby shower. The box can be based on the age of the child as well, meeting the correct milestones for development.

5. If I’m pregnant, is this for me?

Congratulations! You are now on a journey to become the most amazing parent. With the SPEC Kid Club developmental journal and at-home preschool system, we will prepare you to understand the importance of play and learning. Sign up and receive your first box ready for your child’s new home right after delivery.

6. What is included in the box for SPEC Kid Club?

Spec Kid Cub is an at-home preschool system and will include a guided journal with a pre and post-assessment used to guide parents on the milestones children are supposed to reach based on their age. SPEC stands for sensory, physical, emotional and cognitive development, therefore a toy for each category will be included in the box, along with lesson plans which parents can use to guide learning at home.

7. Where do you ship to and how much is shipping?

SPEC Kid Club will ship FOR FREE within the continental USA.

8. How will I be billed?

Payments are made automatically for one-time orders.

Members who subscribe for quarterly shipments will receive their boxes every 90 days and will receive a recurring payment every 90 days as well.

9. Can I return my box or toys?

Spec Kid Club has a non-refund policy. However, WE CARE….so please for questions, concerns or inquiries we will always accommodate our families.

10. I want to cancel my subscription!

Cancel your subscription at any time by just logging in and canceling within 30 days of your box of arrival. If you're canceling less than 30 days prior, your box may have been curated and shipped, therefore making it simple and cancel within the 30 days of arrival.