Ages 33 to 36 Months<br>My First At-Home Preschool Toy Box - Spec Kid Club

Ages 33 to 36 Months
My First At-Home Preschool Toy Box

  1. Alphabet Tracing. This is a great start to learning the alphabet and your toddler tracing his or her name.
  2. The Locking Puzzle. With each lock, hand-eye coordination develops and awareness of how different things can serve similar purposes increases.
  3. Figure Fight. The magic rods will help your child create shapes and figures, while building fine motor skills.
  4. Twisting Tunnel. Crawling in and out of the tunnel allows toddlers to strengthen muscles and practice gross motor skills.
  5. Talking Hamster. Repeating after the cute hamster allows your child to use language and song.
  6. Animal Card Kit. The cards promote spatial awareness and cognitive development by matching animal shapes.

Each SPEC Kid Club toy assortment comes with an At-Home Preschool Curriculum booklet, giving you hands-on creative learning lessons for your child.

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