Ages 24 to 27 Months<br>Magical Twos Just Play With Me Toy Box - Spec Kid Club

Ages 24 to 27 Months
Magical Twos Just Play With Me Toy Box

  1. Letter Board. For sorting and placing the alphabet while learning shapes, colors and sounds.
  2. Drawing Set. Allow your toddler to strengthen his or her pincer grip by repeatedly placing the colored markers within view to grab.
  3. Counting Beads. Count and practice mathematics while manipulating colorful beads on this classic wooden abacus.
  4. SPEC Loops. Practice coordination, balance and gross motor development with the Spec Loops. Can be used on the floor for stepping games.
  5. Fruit Cutting Set. Magnetic fruits create magical fun and promote fine motor development as your child learns to separate and identify foods.

Each SPEC Kid Club toy assortment comes with an At-Home Preschool Curriculum booklet, giving you hands-on creative learning lessons for your child.

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