Toy Box for Growing Minds

  • Toy Box for Growing Minds includes sensory, physical, emotional and cognitive development toys for children ages 18 to 21 months.
  • Toys included in the box are: fish pounding xylophone, funny tumblers bowling, labyrinth puzzle, time clock, sorting cube and the dancing duck.
  • Allow your toddler to explore the different sounds they can make by using the mallet to hit different parts of the fish xylophone.
  • Demonstrate how when you roll the ball, you can hit the pins to make them tumble and allow opportunities for children to try as they use the funny tumblers bowling toy.
  • While engaging with the labyrinth, label the character and slide the piece to the corresponding placement for that character. Children will begin to understand the purpose of the designated place for and which things correlate to another.
  • Give your toddler opportunities to problem solve how to match the shaped pieces of the clock into its corresponding placements with the time clock toy.

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