Sensory Skill Development for a 9-12 Month Old Infant

As your baby continues to grow, they are beginning to get curious with their environment especially when they are a year older already. The
sensory skill development of a 9-12-month-old infant is the stage where what they developed on the 0-8 months of their age are applied in their curiosity.

The sensory skills of a 3-6-month-old starts with being familiar with the uses of their senses, 6-9 month old is where infants can actually hold and feel what they sense and lastly the 9-12-month-old infant is the stage that their motor skills are of much use and sensory activities for toddlers and infants are recommended for their curiosity to be satisfied.


Sensory Skill Development of a 9-12-Month-Old Infant

The developing child in the age of 9-12-month-old has already advanced there sensory skills. In every age-range an infant uses their senses in different ways depends on what they can do. For example, the 0-3-month-old child can have minimal use of its functions, but four out of five senses are already developed inside the mother’s womb. The sense of smell, hearing, touch, and taste are the skills which the baby has already possessed in their mother’s womb. The sense of sight has not fully developed, and due to this, the infant’s eyesight can only see limited colors as the third to eight-month passed the infants sensory skills are now coordinated with the development of their cognitive skills.

During this age range, the baby’s sensory skills are developed, and it will show these characterizations:

Their sense of sight is not as limited when they were in the first-month range. Infants can now recognize faces and gestures. When they recognize an object, the baby is now capable of holding it well.

-Babies at this age range can recognize various smells and determine where it came from.

-When their favorite song is on the radio, they can now move to the beat, and different sounds are more familiar to them.

-Their sense of touch can be enhanced more because at this term they can crawl, and grab objects such as toy, pillows, blankets, and food. They are aware of different textures, and infants recognize their things by feeling the texture.

-Infants become familiar with a wider variety of flavors, and this is where baby’s starts to determine what food they like or not.


Sensory Activities for Toddlers and Infants

The developing child may already have these skills, but this does not mean that you should stop improving their sensory skills. Your child continues to have changes in their bodies may it be physical or cognitive. Here are sensory activities for infants and toddlers that can improve their sensory skills more at the age of 9-12 months old.

-The 9-12 months old infant isn’t capable of talking yet, but you can communicate with them through hand and body gestures. Since they can easily recognize body movements, you can make them familiar with different gestures such as pointing on your mouth referring to more food, the “shh” gesture where you’re pointer finger is in front of your lips, and pointing gestures if pertaining to a specific object.

-Give them new flavors. Start it with variants of ice cream and candies, but don’t include strong flavors such as too spicy and too bitter foods.

-Let them have fun with baby instruments or musical toys. They will enjoy this more, and it improves their auditory skills by being familiar with various beats and rhythm. Play a lot of upbeat music inside your house to encourage their body to move to the beat; this does not just help the auditory skills but also their motor skills. Include music while playing to make it more fun and sensory skill encouraging.

-More toys that they can grip and exercise their hand and finger movements with is advisable.

-Let them have fun with water to know it’s texture even slime or soil. Just like what the child is doing in the video, he is feeling the texture of the object to determine what it is.

There are a lot of sensory activities for infants and toddlers consider your child’s safety. At this point, they have already reached a year old, so they will go on questioning everything especially when they start talking so better be there to answer them. Spec Kid Club can assist you with your child’s never-ending questions as they grow up.