Baby Sensory Development | 3-6 Months

February 19, 2019

Baby Sensory Development | 3-6 Months

Your baby is growing every day and they are experiencing different situations that they are learning various lessons from.
The developing child gets to be aware of their sensory skills once they are already 3-6 months old. Their sense of sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing are becoming clearer for them; some parents even try sensory play for babies for further improvement.

As a parent, you are going to be their sole guide when they start to be conscious of their surroundings. 3-6 months old infants do not have the same cognitive development stage pace. If your child’s cognitive development stage is slow then just let them be but if this is somewhat bothering it’s time to do sensory play ideas for babies.

Why is Sensory Play for Babies Important?

Mental health is as important as the physical health of the baby. It should have the same attention as someone’s physical health. You start young with your baby, help them have a stronger mindset and let their sensory skills improve every day. Babies in the age of 3-6 months old are beginning to be curious with what they see, smell, taste, touch, and hear every day that’s why you have to be there to guide them. To help them improve their sensory skills, you should test these sensory play ideas for babies.

Sense of Sight

The eyesight of the baby when they are 3-6 months old continues to improve when they are born until their fifth month they don’t know how to coordinate their eye and body movements. Their eyesight does not know how to focus and they don’t recognize faces easily.

At the age of 3-6 months old, you must guide your baby to have a better sense of sight. Let them be familiar with different colors by playing with cards with different variants of color. You can also buy pictures cards so that they get to recognize the different sceneries outside such as trees, flowers, clouds, grass, animals, or everything under the sun. Take your child for a stroll outside, and you can pretend that you are playing eye spy with my little eye with them. Even though they don’t understand the words yet, but at least they are already familiar with how it looks like.

Sense of Smell

Even before birth, your child has already used their sense of smell, and when they are born, they can easily recognize the smell of their mother’s breastmilk. Since their sense of sight has not fully developed, they use their sense of smell in determining what they are encountering at the moment. Babies can even differentiate their mother’s milk from another mother.

An infant’s sense of smell may have already developed, but you should also let them be familiar with other different fragrance. If a newborn child can already determine the smell of their mother then at the age of 3-6 months old they can now know the scents of various objects such as soap, shampoo, baby powder and anything they encounter each day.

Sense of Taste

Just like their sense of smell the other sensory skill that they have already used inside the womb is their sense of taste. Newborn babies can now determine the taste of breastmilk, and they are more accustomed to sweet flavors. Infants can also differentiate what is sweet from sour.

3-6-month-old infants should be familiarized with other flavors because this is the stage of their physical change where they start to eat solid foods. Introduce them to a variety of fruits and vegetables, have an activity where they can taste test foods that they are not familiar with. An infant’s sense of taste can be improved by doing this, and it might help you know what flavors they like or don’t like. However, you should use foods that are baby-friendly and not strong flavored delicacies that your baby can’t take yet.

Sense of Hearing

When your baby was still inside your womb, they can already hear you that is why some mother’s play classical music for their babies. This is for the reason that classical music can soothe and calm the baby inside you. That is why babies are sensitive to sounds because it had already developed even before they were born.

Even though they have already developed this sensory skill, you should still help them improve it. The sensory play idea you can introduce to them is trying out different baby musical instruments such as baby rattles, baby xylophones, baby piano, and you can listen to music with your kid while taking a rest. Baby instruments can help babies be accustomed to different rhythms and sound levels; this may also introduce your child to play musical instruments when they are older.

Sense of Touch

Infants’ sense of touch is sensitive for even before they were born, they can determine the different textures and skins. This is why when a baby is carried by someone other than their mother their first reaction is to cry. They are familiar with their mother’s skin because of skin-to-skin interaction between the parent and child formed a bonding for them.

To help your 3-6-month-old baby be acquainted with different touches, you can play with them with toys or randomly let them touch objects that they are not familiar with. Fruits, vegetables, toy blocks, and stuffed toys can help them determine what is hard from soft and what is smooth or rough. You can also take them outside for letting them be familiar with the various textures of trees, rocks, water and what can mostly be seen that are safe for the baby.

Your child will be experiencing a lot of unfamiliar things, make sure to be there for them when they get too curious with it. They will be asking you what is this and why is something like that, you are going to be your child’s first teacher. Spec Kid Club can help you with being your infant's first encyclopedia, visit us at for more sensory play ideas for your baby.