Sensory Play Activities for One Year Old Toddlers

February 22, 2019

Sensory Play Activities for One Year Old Toddlers

The developing child even when they reached a year old engaging them in sensory play activities should still be a part of their daily routine. One-year-old toddlers are going to be more curious with their surroundings. Kids will put into their mouths what they get a hold of as a part of showing their curiosity.

For children to have further sensory skills development advancements conduct sensory play activities for them. Play-based learning activities are recommended for parents who want their child to learn in a fun way. Parents and child can do sensory play activities together to strengthen their bond and know each other well. Sensory play and brain development are connected since through sensory play activities the cognitive skill of the child is also enhanced. Engaging your kids in sensory play activities will help your child have a normal pace of development and keep up with other kids.

17 Sensory Play Activities for One-Year-Old Toddlers

There are a lot of sensory activities for toddlers and infants that parents can include in their day to day routine. Parents’ just need to be creative and patient while carrying out sensory play activities to not bore the child. When a toddler reaches the age of one year old, they can now easily follow instructions. One-year-old toddlers are now more into the activity since kids at this age are both active and curious with anything.

If you are running out of ideas with what other sensory play activities you can let your child play, here are 15 sensory play activities for your little bundle of joy.

  1. Water Bottle Shakers: This is a DIY baby instrument that can be an alternative for baby rattles. You can either insert objects that can enable the bottle to make some noise such as seeds, rice, or small rocks. Water bottle shakers can somehow give the baby and idea on what is inside a baby rattle for it to create a sound once shaken.

  1. Farm Animals: Create your own farm inside a bin and use farm toy animals that your child can pick out while playing. Toddlers can also learn the different names of the farm animals included in the sensory bin. Also, don’t forget to use real soil, rocks, and plants for the farm animal sensory bin.

  1. What’s Inside The Box?: Fill up a box with various toys and trinkets from your house. Make sure that the box lid has a hole where the baby can insert a hand to explore what’s inside the box. The baby should not see what you have placed inside the sensory box just let them pick out stuff randomly.

  1. Food Sensory Bin: Design a mini diorama by the use of foods such as jelly beans, cornflakes, chocolate chip, marshmallows, or whatever you can use to design a mini diorama that your child can play with. This is also a form of finger food where you can use any variant as long as it is safe for your baby to eat.

  1. Texture Walk: Bring your child to places where they can safely walk barefooted. Stroll around grassy parks, sandy beaches, or play with them on the playground.

  1. Hand and Foot Painting: Let your child explore their creativity by engaging them to hand and foot painting activities. This is an example of sensory play activities that will surely enhance your child’s sensory skills because they will use their bare hand and foot for painting.

  1. Flower Petal Sensory Bin: Gather flowers from your yard and give your child a time to be familiarized with the texture of flower petals.

  1. Sand Doodles: Pour sand in a container and draw straight or curvy lines that your child can trace while playing.

  1. Ocean Sensory Bin: Use slimes as a representation of the ocean then create an underwater environment with sea creatures animals, coral reefs, and plants.

  1. Cupcake Decoration: After you have baked cupcakes allow your toddler to decorate it on their own. Provide them with various cupcake toppings, and this will not just enhance their sensory capabilities but also their sense of creativity.

  1. Ice Cube Painting: Dip the ice cubes in a bowl of colored water. This can develop their tactile sense and color familiarization.

  1. Jelly Bean Sensory Bin: Fill up a container with jelly beans which your child can play or eat. Also in the sea of jelly beans, you can place various objects that your child can pick for example their favorite toy or blanket. Just don’t hide objects smaller than the jelly bean for the baby not to accidentally swallow it.
  2. Animal Toy Sorting: This activity can be accomplished with several boxes and toys which the baby will sort out depending on what the animal is. Let your child learn what the differences of each animal are if they have feathers, four legs, two legs, fur, or fins.

  1. Colored Rice Pool: Dip the rice seeds in different food colors then place it in a container. You can also just let your child dip the rice seeds on their own.

  1. Cookie Dough Play: Allow your child to scoop a bit of dough and form cookies on their own.  This can encourage their tactile sense, and it is safe for your baby to taste it whenever they are curious.

  1. Clay Molding: Let your child form various shapes and structures through the use of clay and clay molders. This sensory play activity can be part of your child’s hobby and bonding between both of you.

  1. Water Painting: This is going to be a messy play, but your child will enjoy this activity for sure. Just use safe food color for the water so that when your child got the urge to taste it, they are far from harm's way.

Your child will learn about to learn lots of things such as the natural environment, society, the wonders of the world and it is better to start it at home. Keep giving them sensory play activities where they can have fun and learn from. Allow them to explore what is possible for them to discover at the moment depending on their age. Guide them in discovering what this world can offer and will offer when they grow into adults. Start them at a young age so that when they become adults their love for knowledge and wisdom grows too. Spec Kid Club can give you a hand with more parenting concerns that you are having a hard time with.