8 Reasons Why Sensory Play for Babies is Important and Samples of It

February 24, 2019

8 Reasons Why Sensory Play for Babies is Important and Samples of It

Babies are among the most wonderful gifts a family could receive. They bring us joy and happiness since the very moment they are born. They serve as the “star” that brightens up the entire house. Thus, we are always looking forward to every milestone they will have. The first smile, first touch, first word spoken, first walk and many other cute gestures they are to make. Most of the time, we take note of these “firsts” and very much excited to see what this little angel can do next. And then we wonder if we are providing them with all that they need in order to have proper development. We hear about a variety of topics within the ‘mom groups’ and compare what we are doing with what we could to more of.  ‘Sensory play’ came up and we explored ideas of how we could provide more opportunities of sensory play for babies to perform any moment at a given situation.

We love to see babies playing even by themselves alone. We stare at how they pick up things from the floor, look at colors, and respond when being called. We let them play for as long as they desire in order to promote engagement with exploration and discovery.  

It is said that play gives the children a chance to practice what they are learning. Step by step, they discover how things work through the use of their five senses and the implementation of sensory play ideas for babies.

The sensory play includes activities that allow toddlers to use all their senses while playing or doing a particular activity. There are various sets of sensory activities for 3-year-olds and even for those a little younger or older than.

Why is Sensory Play for Babies important?

  1. Sensory play is very beneficial to the overall development of the toddler’s brain. It builds nerve connection making them to think and solve simple problems
  2. Enhance his or her language and physical skills.
  3. Using playing, he/she will also be building social skills and communication.
  4. It lets them experiment from different sounds and rhythms.
  5. Develops the five senses of hearing, feeling, touching, seeing and smelling.
  6. Strengthens and develops the body muscles
  7. It serves as babies’ fun time
  8. One best way to calm the baby as it regulates discomfort to them

What are the best sensory plays for newborn and toddlers and how the babies can benefit from them?

  1. Playing music – Letting your baby hear soft songs can develop hearing and movement. Also, it’s a great way to make him/her fall asleep comfortably.
  2. Toys and Objects – safe objects that came in different sizes, colors, textures and shapes help enhance the ability to reach or grasp things. Upon seeing the object, the baby is also encouraged to crawl, stand or even walk to have it.
  3. Pillows, boxes and hoops – these things help the child develop balance. Too, through these, your baby will be able to know how to push and pull, drag, kick, run, jump, roll and many more. They encourage babies to perform physical activities to develop and strengthen the head, back and body muscles.

Above are just a couple of examples of toddler activities for sensory play. They will provide opportunities of developmental growth while using play to engage your child. If you would like to know more about sensory play and the benefits, contact us here at http://speckidclub.com/.