6-9 Months Old Infant Sensory Motor Skills

February 22, 2019

6-9 Months Old Infant Sensory Motor Skills

Babies that range from 6-9 months old are starting to have a development with their sensory motor skills. When they were born, they could not grasp an object that is why you need to assist them when it comes to feeding especially when you are not a breastfeeding mom. If you are not a breastfeeding mother and you are using a feeding bottle, then your baby needs of assistance.

A 0-6 months old baby will find it hard to sit, stand, crawl, and grasp objects but when they finally reached the age of 6-9 months old your baby starts to move without being always guided. Bit by bit they begin to sit and crawl, but walking is not in the same stage of their sensory child development as sitting and crawling.

An Infant’s Sensory Motor Skills

What you have seen in the video is an infant that is already 6-9 months old, and you can tell that the baby’s sensory motor skill is starting to improve. Signs of sensory-motor skills improvement won’t show immediately when they reached six months this would be one after the other. In the video the following signs were shown:

  •         The baby has a toy in his hand showing that he could already grasp objects.
  •         Examining an object and putting it inside his mouth.
  •         Rocking back and forth while sitting,
  •         Observing and touching objects near him.
  •         Moving his body because he is getting curious about the surroundings.
  •         His eyes and body are moving coordinately.

If your baby has already shown you these characteristics, then your infant’s sensory-motor skills are improving well.  However, infants don’t have the same development pace, some are advancing well, and others have a hard time to move forward.

As a parent, this is going to be part of your worries. At first, be attentive and wait for each development stage to happen. If your child’s advancement is slow then it is time to be of help, maybe it just needs a stimulus to trigger an infant’s sensory motor skills. You can try these simple activities that can help both parent and child for sensory-motor enhancement.

Baby Book

Since babies can already grasp objects, it is now okay to give them baby picture books. Babies won’t be able to read it yet, but your child will start to hold it, turn the pages, and place it here and there. This activity won’t just trigger their motor skills but also their sensory skills, the baby’s sense of touch and sight. The baby book can help them with early reading and how to properly hold objects.

Playing while Sitting

Your baby can already sit on their own so your playtime you can play with them with wood blocks, stuffed toys, baby instruments such as xylophones, pianos, and drums. Just make sure that when you are playing, your baby is sitting somewhere soft, so if they didn't balance well while sitting, they would not be hurt when they land. You can sit on baby mats or puzzle mats, placing pillows in your baby’s surroundings can also help prevent your baby from bumping on the floor.

Educational Wooden Blocks

One of the best infant learning toys would be educational wooden blocks. You can play this while just sitting, prepare it somewhere besides your baby and let them be familiar with it. Observe your baby if they are going to pick it up or not. If they happen not to be interested in it then it’s time for you to meddle with them, help them to hold one wooden block until they have an idea with what to do with it. Educational wooden blocks can either be alphabet blocks, animals, fruits, and vegetable pictures on it; this can also help your child’s cognitive and sensory skills.

Baby Instruments

Let your baby learn to hold instruments; it’s not just help with their motor skills but also their auditory skills. This could practice them with how they reach, handle, and grab objects. A baby rattle is the most common baby instrument to train your baby with free-play and exploration. When they got interested in the instruments that you will give them they will naturally hold and play with them.

Activities like these are safe, and baby-friendly it may not trigger your child’s motor skills in a day then let it be a daily routine until their body gets familiar with each movement. Training your child’s motor skills is like teaching someone how to dance, practice them every day, and give it time then your baby will finally get to move and hold objects. Keep up with your child’s pace until they get it, let them move around. Spec Kid Club can give you advices based on your parenting troubles and concerns.