Fun Blooming Spring Activities for Kids

All four seasons are worth the experience. Whether it be summer, autumn, winter, and spring, your child will enjoy each season. Parents and child can make seasons more fun with activities for the whole family. With the previous blog contents, I have listed activities for autumn and winter. Now, we move on with spring activities for kids.

Blooming flowers, growing trees, leaves sprouting after the winter break, and animals are playing everywhere every spring. The developing child will have fun exploring and discovering the lively surrounding. Furthermore, a bright and colorful environment will attract your child and give them the energy to play more. Let your child bloom with spring activities they can probably enjoy with you too.

Bright and Colorful Spring Activities for Kids

Parents and child can both enjoy spring activities for kids. This season is the safest one to let your kid play outside. It won’t be too cold nor too hot. However, you must make sure that your kid doesn’t have allergies with pollen. Flowers will be at bloom on spring; your child might build up an allergy. Check them first with their pediatrician before each season starts.

Spring activities for kids can be full of fun learning. A child’s sensory, physical, and cognitive skills development will be encouraged and enhanced through spring activities for kids.  It is also a good season to think about sensory play ideas for babies. Allow your child to also grow just like the flowers and trees in spring. Let your kids have the opportunity to experience the beauty and knowledge. Listed below are the spring activities for kids you can also try out with the whole family.

Draw What You See

Take out your child for a walk in a garden or field. Bring with them a set of drawing materials. Show them the different kinds of flowers and plants and give time to be familiar with it. After that sit down under a shade of a tree and start your drawing session. Let them pick a flower or plant they want to draw.

Flower Hunting

Print out pictures of various flowers that can be seen in the field, garden, or meadow you have picked to stroll around. If you are more than three people, you can split into groups. The first group to find all flowers similar to the ones on the picture gets to have a prize. However, they must name each flower before claiming the prize. If they got the names right without the help of the photo cards, they'd get an additional prize.

Go To a Farm

It isn’t just flowers and plants that grow back, but animals also give birth to their offspring.  Bring your child to a farm where they can watch a chicken egg crack or a cow give birth to its calf. They can also feed farm animals and pet them. Baby chicks are waiting for your kid to see and discover how they got into this planet.

DIY Bird Feeder

Bring your child closer to nature showing them how to appreciate other living things such as animals. Create a DIY bird feeder and let your kid have the idea of how it is designed. Help the birds in the environment safely have their meal.

Find Me Some Ladybug

This is a hunt and set free activity. Go out on the nearest field or forest park and hunt some ladybugs. Just let your kids be familiar with the lovely ladybug. Lastly, set them free. Due to this reason, your kids will realize how animals or insects should not be kept caged just because they are pretty. Animals should be pampered and must be given freedom. They deserve this planet more than we do.


Caterpillar into Butterfly

If you happen to see caterpillars in your garden take it into your care. Let your child have the first-hand experience with how caterpillars become butterflies. This is a good spring activity for kids, for they will get to see where butterflies came from. Just like the ladybug, we must set free the grown butterfly.

Fly a Kite

Play with the spring breeze along with a kite. Parents and child can also try making their own kite to make this spring activity more fun. With the on-going modernization of today’s technology, our children still must experience how the older generation enjoys the good old days.

Into The Woods

There’s nothing better than experiencing spring face to face but in the woods. Take a stroll in the woods and do sightseeing. Teach your child the names of the plants and animals you will encounter in the woods. Parents and child can also do a naming game.

Plant n Boots

Recycle the boots in your house that isn’t used anymore. Transfer the already planted plants in the boots. You and your child can both do individual boot project. Let your child enhance their creativity and have a love for being a green thumb. Teach them how to recycle at an early age.

Coloring Activity

Nowadays, there are coloring books that feature spring symbols such as flowers, trees, leaves, branches, and animals. Children can use crayons or oil pastels for white coloring spaces. This will excite your child more about spring. Let your child give colors to their own spring with their creativity. Also, they can have an idea on how to play with colors and make it more playful.

 Bunny Craft

A bunny is a spring symbol that every kid knows. Bunnies are usually a symbol of Easter which happens in springtime. The small fluff balls are an image of growth and new life especially the Easter eggs. The arts and crafts for kids that you can give them are paper bunnies. You’ll need colored papers and cotton balls. Create forms of bunnies on the colored papers and cut them out. Dip the cotton balls in paint; let your kids choose the color that they prefer. Attach the now colored cotton balls on the paper bunny. This will serve as their fur.


Celebrate the breeze given by spring by decorating your garden with pinwheels. Teach your child how to make one and let them handle their creativity on their own. Parents and child can also do this as a science activity about checking the speed of the wind.

Do not let your child miss the opportunity of enjoying the spring season. Hype them up this season and bond as a family. Spring is a fun season; a lot of fun spring activities for kids can be done. It can either be outdoors or indoors. This is the time for your child to grow as well. For more seasonal activities, check out our website Spec Kid Club.