Playtime: Fun Games for Kids

Kids are normally playful since they cannot contain the stored energy inside their small bodies. Fun games for kids are considered as an exercise where they can consume the stored energy until they ran out of it.  Games also help children enhance their physical and cognitive capabilities. This also helps their socializing and communicating skills since games consist of several other players.

Parents from the same neighborhood can help you arrange such games. It is a matter of teamwork, fun games for kids teach them camaraderie a trait they can have up until they grow up as an adult.  It is also held in schools where teachers set fun games for kids so they won’t be bored at school. Fun games for kids can also teach them values such as what winning means and the real sense of friendship. It is given that games are a form of kiddie exercise that can enhance their physical and cognitive capabilities; however fun games for kids should also teach them different values.

What Can Fun Games for Kids Teach Them?

Humans need to interact with other people their whole lives, and ever since they were children, their parents have taught them what it means to get along with others. The developing child may have trouble with their first time interaction with a non-family member, but fun games for kids can help children be comfortable with such encounters. Let your kid play with the children living in the same neighborhood, and they will learn the following:

Respect: They may be young for this to understand, but you can explain it to them bit by bit. When playing a game, it is a must to respect the other players. Your child will eventually get this idea once they’ve become comfortable playing with other people.

Teamwork: Games are not complete if there is no team A or Team B. If you engage your child in activities that require the grouping method they will learn how to cooperate with others and maybe you’ll see if your child is gifted in being a leader.

Sportsmanship: It is a big deal for kids when they win or lose. There are circumstances that a kid cries because of losing a game. Never let your child grow up in this kind of mindset. Give them the idea that losing in a game is just fine, that the important thing is that you have learned something and had fun.

Building Friendships: Through fun games for kids your child gets to interact with other kids from the same neighborhood or at school. This is a good idea for this will start a friendship with each person.  Allow your child to learn how to make friends at such an early age for friends will make life even better for them.

Sharing: It has always been a lesson that sharing is good and that it’s better to give than to receive. Children can learn this through fun games for kids especially if the game has a prize. See if your child will share the prize with their teammates or not. If not, let them be aware that sharing is a good thing most especially to those people who help them win the game.

Honesty: When someone is into the game they might do things even a dirty way to win. That is why as long as your child is young teach them to be honest through fun games for kids. Be honest if they violated a rule and if they are already out of the game.

8 Fun Games for Kids

If you are a new mom and have already read the first part of this article then here are eight fun games where your kid will have fun and learn at the same time.

Tug of War

This game will teach your child the importance of teamwork. Also, their physical capability is enhanced and tested at the same time. Tug of war is a whole lot of fun, and it’s a perfect activity game for kids at school.

Treasure Hunt

A group consisting of two to four people is required in this game. Two groups or more can complete this game wherein they will be competing to find the hidden treasures in the place where the game takes place. This is where you’ll see if your child is a born leader or someone who knows how to follow and be cooperative.

Simon Says

This game will test how of a keen observant your child is. The main idea of this game is how kids focus and follow instructions.


Teamwork is the key to win in this game when it is played by several groups. Children of the same group should cooperate to know the right tricks and strategies on how to guess the unknown scene being played in front.


What better way to show camaraderie and sportsmanship? Yes, sports! Teach your child how to play different sports such as basketball, volleyball, badminton, soccer, baseball, and so forth. Engage them in school varsities or activities where kids are involved in sports. This will surely teach them how to work in groups, cherish winning, and accept defeat.


This may be a messy game, but it can show your child how to give respect to others. Dodge ball’s game instruction is that whoever gets hit by the ball is already out of the game. Let your child realize that even though that is the mechanics of the game, they shouldn’t harshly hit others for fun.

The Boat is sinking

The boat is sinking is a fun and thrilling game that shows cooperation and leading others well. It can also enhance your child’s counting skills, focus, and thinking process.

Capture The Flag

Capture the flag is a popular recreational activity that is fun not just for adults but also for kids at a very young age.  This is the real test of honesty, leadership, sportsmanship, camaraderie, and focus.

Your child has a lot to learn not just for their physical, cognitive, sensory, social, and emotional development but also their well-being. Allow your child to grow in an environment where they’ll know how to respect and consider other people’s feelings. Fun games for kids are for fun, but it is for learning values also. Visit our site, and we are ready to give a helping hand with more parenthood concerns.