Play-Based Learning: Toddler Outdoor Activities

Being protective and anxious about their children’s safety is part of a parent’s natural characteristics. Letting your child play outdoors when they are only a toddler is a hard decision for you to make. Although the outdoor’s makes you worry it is still helpful for your child to experience the great outdoors. Toddler outdoor activities are safe once a child’s guardian is with them. Don’t prohibit your child to get the feel of being outside.

Toddler outdoor activities are an example of sensory play ideas for babies. The endless knowledge that the surroundings can give your child will help them in the development that they need. Outdoor sensory activities for toddlers can help your child be familiar with different natural resources or nature experience that sooner or later when they grow up will encounter it too. Give your kid a chance to experience the breeze beside the sea, the water from different water forms, let them play on the snow, shower in the rain, the feel of the sand under their cute little feet, play under the sun and everything that nature can offer. Also, playing outdoors can help build up your child’s immune system even more. Exposing them to the natural environment can also give them a chance for a larger play area that can widen their aspects such as physically, mentally, sensory, and emotionally.

15 Toddler Outdoor Activities

To help you with t
oddler outdoor activities that you can play with your child or the whole family below are the following 18 recreational activities examples that are surely safe and fun for your kids.

  1.  Hide and Seek

This is fun within the premises of your house. You can play this on your backyard for safety purposes since your baby might hide somewhere far. The outdoors can give you and your child a wide variety of hiding spots that make the seeking more thrilling and enjoyable.

  1. Take them to the Playground

The most common toddler outdoor activities consist of the slide, swing, see-saw, monkey bars, and so and so forth that completes the classic community playground. Bring your child to this child wonderland they may also socialize with other kids from the neighborhood.

  1. Sandcastles

If ever your family is going to have an out of town trip include the beach to your travel list. Let your kid enjoy the breeze of the sea and the feel of walking on sand. What better way to enjoy the sands? Build sandcastles! Show your child how to build mini sandcastles and let them enjoy doing it their own way.

  1. Stroll Around

Show your child around the neighborhood you are living in. Familiarize them with their environment. Strolling around is also an example of physical development activity. Your child gets more accustomed to walking and is a form of minimal exercise.

  1. Paper Boats

This activity may only be applicable when it is raining. Create paper boats that you will play on puddles from the rain. However, if you are worried that your child may get sick when exposed to rain then create your own puddle in containers and place it outside of your house.

  1. Treasure Hunting

Gather your children’s favorite toys or sweet treats and hide it somewhere around your backyard. Let your kid roam around and explore other things other than finding the hidden treasure.

  1. Bicycle Ride

Take them out for a bike ride and teach them after. Of course, start them off with bicycle training wheels for safety purposes. This can help their gross motor skills development and physical changes development. Their leg muscles are strengthened through this activity and trains their body control.

  1. Seashells by the seashore

If your child got bored with building sandcastles stroll around the beach and look out for seashells, your child will surely enjoy this because they’ll get charmed with how interesting the seashells are. This can also lead your child to be so into the activity that you’ll end up bringing a container of seashells.

  1. Hopscotch

All you need is your backyard or front lawn, chalk, and a stone. This can test your child’s thinking process and physical strength. Invite other kids to play with your child; it can help with their emotional-social development.

  1.  Mud Fun

This is a sensory play activity for your child. Let your child create various shapes from the mud but make sure that the mud they are playing with is safe. This helps them with their sense of touch and tactile sense development.

  1.  Catch the Ball

It can be played at the playground, house backyard or front lawn, the beach or anywhere that is safe to pass the ball and for your child to play. This can enhance your child’s teamwork and socializing skills.

  1.  Nature Walk

Go on for a nature walk and widen your child’s perception towards the true outdoors. Take your entire family with you and enjoy the relaxation the forest can give. Your child may ask you a lot of things about what they see around the forest so be ready to answer their questions. Educate your child as early as possible.

  1. Kite Flying

Engage your child in everything about this outdoor activity from building the kite to taking its first flight. Your child will love this activity especially if you let them maneuver the kite. Kite flying may help your kid’s thinking skills on how they’ll properly control the movement of the kite.

  1.  Stargazing

If you live in the city, this may probably not be feasible because city lights may overpower the stars. However, you can stargaze when you went somewhere far from the city lights. Show your child the wonder of stars and let them appreciate it even at an early age.

  1.  The Snowman and The Snow Angel

Winter is fun especially if it’s going to be their first time experiencing the snow. Teach your kids how to build the snowman and create snow angels.  Common snow toddler outdoor activities but children will still love it. This can help in the development of their sensory skills, gross motor skills, and tactile sense.

Don’t limit your child under the roof of your house they’ll have a lot to miss out if you prohibit them. The world has a lot to offer, experiences that they will learn from that might not be taught at school. Toddler outdoor activities are part of your child’s learning stepping stone, and at Spec Kid Club we can help you take the first step in feeding your child’s mind with knowledge and wisdom.