Play-Based Learning:Educational Toys for Toddlers

February 25, 2019

Play-Based Learning:Educational Toys for Toddlers

Kids become more interested in an activity where they know toys are included. Children get excited with toys since it equates to having fun. Toys amaze kids because of it’s, a wide variety of shapes and colors, and knowing how to use or play it properly. This is why educational toys for toddlers are recommended by experts in the field of child development and education. Those toys can enhance their sensory skills and thinking process. Your child has a lot to learn in life so better make it fun and worthwhile for them. Play-based learning is still an effective strategy to help your child’s sensory, physical, emotional, and cognitive development.

The early childhood stage is where children are at their life phase wherein toys, and their playmates are their priority.  However, it can be bothering when your child is more focused on the game and does not learn somehow. Giving them educational toys for toddlers is like hitting two birds with one stone. Your child gets to have fun and learn at the same time through educational toys for toddlers. On the other hand, you must choose toys that are child-friendly and not dangerous to your child’s health. Toddlers have a habit of putting into their mouths everything they touch. Make sure that the educational toys for toddlers you bought do not have harmful chemicals that can intoxicate your child.

Recommended Educational Toys for Toddlers

Nowadays, the market has been offering different kinds of educational toys. As generations pass by various toy brands, have been showcasing a variety of their own versions of each educational toys for toddlers. There is a lot to choose from, options here and there. Even in the industry of online shops toys for your child are available. There are also electronic gadget toys that your child can play with, but it is advisable to give them to your child when they are at the middle childhood stage. This is due to the reason that it is better to make your child physically active in their early childhood life to exercise their body. Also, it can avoid vision problems that may become more of trouble when they grow up.

Although numerous toy brands are going to give you good choices you still have to be cautious of what to buy for your kid. If you are short in a budget, you can try making your own to save up more.

Here is a list of educational toys for toddlers that you can search in a toy store or you can try to do-it-yourself.

  1. Building Blocks

A creativity toy for your toddler that can enhance their creativity and thinking skills. Children can do whatever they want with it such as forming buildings or just simply stack each block together. This can be wooden, plastic, or foam made but make sure that when you are going to buy the plastic one, they should be non-toxic. If you are going to do it by yourself simply use wood for it will be much easier to shape it into a block.

  1. Alphabet and Number Puzzle Mats

This can help your child be further familiar with the alphabet and numbers. For a do-it-yourself puzzle mat project, you can use felt paper and scissors or cutter.

  1. Musical Instruments

It’s not just the cognitive skills that are enhanced by play-based learning method and educational toys for toddlers but also their sensory skills. Baby musical instruments can familiarize them with different sounds, rhythms, and beats. Parents can make their own rattles by using a bottle as shakers, DIY drum set using unused containers, and so on.

  1. Cooking Toys

When you bring your child to the kitchen and they are curious with what you are doing kids would try to imitate what you did. To give them an idea with what’s going on in a kitchen introduce them to cooking toys for kids. Play with them so that they will be guided on what is the purpose of each kitchen equipment and utensils. Also, you can include food toys in the set to make it more entertaining for your kid.

  1. Cash Register

This educational toy for toddlers can help them with improving their counting skills.  Kids may not have an idea about how to handle money yet but just let them re-enact what they are witnessing in the grocery store every time you take them with you. Act as their customer and play along. It will be more fun if the cash register toy you bought has the same sound as the real one. The coaching sound of the toy can excite your kid and will make them fonder of it.

  1. Doctor Play Set

Some kids are scared of going for a monthly check-up to their doctors because of the injection. Through the doctor play set, let your child realize that being a doctor is a good profession and helps a lot of people. Parents and child can play the doctor and patient or vice versa. Your kids can also play this with their playmates. Maybe by playing the doctor play set your child can follow the medical path.

  1. Animal Kingdom Toys

There are animal miniatures that can help your child be introduced to the animal kingdom. Children can also play with it by imitating each animal sounds or re-enact the scenes from a famous animal TV show or movie. Also, there are toy sets where you can choose from an aerial, farm, or wild animals. They can help children to distinguish what and where each animal belongs to.

  1. Musical Books

Your child will surely enjoy musical books because of the various upbeat songs that will play from them. Also, children can easily learn words through songs. Musical books can also play nursery rhymes that your child will enjoy.

  1. Shape Sorting Box

This will provide your child with an idea about different shapes. The holes in the shape sorting box can only be filled with the same shape. It will also help them get more familiar with each shape name when you are correcting them what goes where in the shape sorting box.

  1. Magic Slate Boards

Toddlers can be taught how to write through magic slate boards for a safer and practical way. Magic slate boards offer unlimited writing and drawing. Children can draw here whenever they want to and swipe it afterward if they don’t want the drawing and writing they did. In addition to this, children will be entertained with how drawings and writings can be erased through the swipe on the side of the board.

Educational toys for toddlers can be bought in your nearest malls with toys stores or online shops. It is up to you which brands you trust and what educational toys for toddlers you will buy. Give your child a fun and knowledge filled childhood they could ever have and reminisce when they grow up. Spec Kid Club can be of assistance to parents who are having numerous questions and concerns about parenthood.