Newborn Activity Ideas

Infants even if they are newly born they are already curious about their surroundings. Although their cognitive skills have not reached full development yet babies are more curious about what they see, hear, feel, and smell since they have no idea about these things. Newborn activity ideas are given to babies to enhance their skills at such an early age. The physical and cognitive development is also included in the benefits they can get from newborn activity ideas. Moreover, parents and child get to build a bond through activities wherein parents are the first playmate of babies.

Humans are innately curious about everything. Grown adults are curious about what this world can still offer what more a newborn baby who has no single idea of the world they are about to encounter? Newborn activity ideas may help your child bit by bit the things they are curious about. In addition to that, it isn’t just the cognitive skills that are developed but also their sensory skills, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, and the physical changes in infancy.

Why are Newborn Activity Ideas Important?

There are several reasons as to why newborn activity ideas are important. As a parent, you are required to do play-based learning methods to encourage your child to master their skills and develop well. Free play child development is a good method to enhance and get the benefits below:

  • Cognitive Development

  • Babies as they encounter themselves in newborn activity ideas their thinking skills are also tested. Free play child development is an infant’s food for the brain. These are where their analyzing and sense of consciousness are tried and tested. Also, this can be the first step in achieving cognitive development stages.

  • Physical Development

  • Infants get to move around through the means of newborn activities. It is a form of exercise for babies. Their gross motor and fine motor skills are going to improve if such activities become a part of a day to day routine.

  • Sensory Skills

  • Through newborn activities, babies will encounter different objects that are going to be of use in the play-based learning method. As they touch, smell, taste, see and hear things babies will start to get familiar with different items. Although it may take a while, free play child development can help in giving a push in a child’s sensory skills.

  • Emotional Development

  • Parents and child can build a strong bonding by engaging themselves in newborn activity ideas.  This bonding could either make the baby cry, laugh, smile, frustrated, and enthusiastic. It’s going to be an emotional milestone by a newborn child.

  • Social Skills

  • Developing social skills through play is an appropriate way of enhancing the infant’s skill. This is due to the reason that the baby is not the only one who is playing, but the activity includes someone who can support the baby and take care of them while playing. Any part of the family can play with the baby, and this can make socializing easier for them.

    Newborn Activity Ideas

    To top it all of, here are a couple of newborn baby activity ideas that you can try out with your child:

    Mirror Mirror

    All you need is a mirror where your baby can look at. Let them see their reflection and teach them that the person inside the mirror is them. It will take a while for them to understand but give it a few weeks and this information will retain inside your baby’s mind.

    Tummy Time

    This activity can help your baby have the initiative to have their first crawl. It is also a good method to strengthen their necks and core. This also helps the baby to avoid getting a flat head syndrome. Tummy time is a recommended activity for a child for their physical development and gross motor skills encouragement.

    To Reach or Not to Reach

    Gather up some toys and hold one. Let your baby have the assumption that you are going to give it to them, but once they are about to grab it you must pull the toy away immediately, This will test their sensory skills if they happen to have a chance to hold it they’ll either taste or smell it.


    Have a little bit of fun with music. Let it be a daily routine, may it be humming to the tune or singing the song just let your child enjoy the music. Show your child that you are having fun by exaggerating your facial expressions the baby will possibly copy you and finally enjoy the song.


    See if your child can already copy different actions from you. Any minimal actions will do If your baby finds it hard to act it out then help them execute the action. This isn’t just applicable to parent and child but also to any person you trust your baby with.

    As a parent, you are the number one person to be excited with the developmental milestones they will achieve. Let your child explore but be there to keep an eye on them. Spec Kid Club can give you more newborn tips; we are always willing to help visit us at