Educational Playtime Activities for a 6 Month Old Infant For Each Day

What makes an infant charming and the sunshine in every home is because of their playfulness.  This trait of theirs makes them a happy pill and you can never get enough of their cute gestures. Parents sometimes join their baby when playing especially when the baby reached the age of 6 months old. This is why a lot of dedicated parents come up with several activities for a 6 month old infant. Through activities your child gets physically and mentally fit even at a young age.

It may not be much of a requirement since seeing your baby being active in playing is already fine but you must make sure that what they are playing is for their own well being. Give them more free play time every day just let them explore and engage themselves in play-based learning.

Significance of Activities for a 6 Month Old Infant

As an adult, sometimes most of us need a taste of recreational activities that we can surely enjoy. Same goes for babies who find play-based learning activities engaging and fun. Activities for a 6 month old infant can help them in the following areas:


By the means of such activities your baby can exercise their bones and muscles. Their gross motor and fine motor skills are being enhanced through how they move along during an activity. Activities for a 6 month old infant are also a good start for stepping into the stages of physical development in humans.


Cognitive benefits of play are when an infant’s thinking process and skills are tested and tried.  This is through how they figure out the rules of the game or how the flow of the activity is. Activities for a 6 month old infant can feed their minds by means of memorizing, comprehension, and analyzing all throughout the activity.


Sensory play ideas for babies are also an example of activities for a 6 month old infant. Parents can trigger their infant’s sensory skills through conducting games and letting them be exposed to things they are not yet familiar with.

12 Activities for a 6 Month Old Infant

If you are having trouble with what activities that can help your child learn and have fun take note of the following activities below:

Nursery Rhyme

Music is a two in one activity because one, their memorizing and comprehensive skills are being used through singing the nursery rhyme. The other reason is that you can also teach your child to move along with the beat of the song that helps in the improvement of their gross motor and fine motor skills.


Your baby will surely enjoy the wonder of bubbles. They might even cry or laugh when they accidentally pop it because of the urge to touch the floating wonder in the air. You can also try letting the child blow some bubbles to make this activity more fun for them.


An educative toy for toddlers includes building blocks that you can use in activities in various ways such as:

  •         Color identification game
  •         Stacking the baby building blocks

Through this activity your baby’s hand and eye coordination is exercised as well as their gross motor and fine motor skills.

Story time

Through this activity your child gets to have food for their brain. To make this activity not boring for them and not make them sleep immediately try reading the story by voice acting how you portray the character in the story. You can also act it out with your facial expressions; this can help the baby’s thinking skills to improve even in an early age.

Peek-a-Boo Through a Blanket

Play this when you are on your bed with your baby. Hide yourself behind the blanket then surprise your baby by saying peek-a-boo once you remove the blanket around you. This can also be vice-versa. Their curiosity will jump out of them once you play this game making their analyzing skills have an advancement.

Bath Time is Fun Time

While you are giving your baby a bath include toys in the bathtub. Hand them a rubber ducky, a floater, or their favorite toy and pretend that these toys are also taking a bath with them. Parents can also try telling stories while their child is taking a bath and act as if the toys in the tub are part of the story. If your baby does not have a good impression when it comes to taking a bath then this activity might make them look forward for bath time.

Puzzle Mats

Let your child help in arranging the puzzle mat that you two are going to sit on while playing. Puzzle mats usually have alphabets and numbers on them so take this opportunity to introduce the most basic lessons that they will encounter at school.

Teach Them How to Clap

You can do this along with singing nursery rhymes; clap your hands according to the beat of the song. Clapping can also enhance their fine motor skills and auditory skill.

Take them to The Zoo

They may not remember this when they grow up but this outdoor activity can help your child be somehow familiar with how different animals look like. After taking them out for a walk at the zoo and introducing them the animal kingdom teach them the names of each animal by the use of stuffed toys. You can also imitate the animal to make them remember what they saw at the zoo.


Use socks and put buttons for their eyes to give your child a cute puppet show. It is not good for the baby that at such an early age they are watching from a television, a tablet, or a phone this may damage their eyes. A puppet show is a good alternative to entertain your baby and their curiosity can be fed too.

Jello Sensory Play

Prepare a container full of jello’s with various colors. Jello sensory play can help them be familiar with different textures and colors a good activity to help their sense of touch and sight.

Noisy Toys

Hand them a bunch of noisy and squeaky toys that can give a hand in their sensory skills especially their auditory skills.  The noise can either make your child laugh or cry. If your baby is the latter then stop doing the activity, continue if it’s just their reaction at first then finds it funny after a while.

Activities for a 6 month old can be a fun activity for parents too. Although this is fun still, make sure that your child is playing safely and they are sure enjoying it. Let these activities be part of the parents and child daily routine to have better results in the area where you want your baby to improve. Spec Kid Club can help you with more parents and child concerns just visit us at