5 Stimulating Activities for 5 years Old

February 19, 2019

5 Stimulating Activities for 5 years Old

This world we live in is a vast place considered playground for young minds. It is a space for them to explore. As our babies grow, we tend to keep ourselves in the state of thinking what would be the best for them. Like many other parents, it would leave us broken knowing that our kid is far behind the rest within the group. This is the driving force that makes us want what is best for them and gets them fully ready for having their cognitive development mastered.

Cognitive Development Definition

Along the way, you might have heard a lot about cognitive development. What is it and what role does it play in a child’s life?

Cognitive development generally pertains to the process whereby the memory, problem-solving skills and decision-making ability of a child is improved. Cognitive development stages usually happen between the childhood, adolescence and adulthood periods. With activities concerning cognitive development, a kid is trained to perceive, think and acquire knowledge. Successful advancements in cognitive development make it possible for a child to be interactive with himself or herself and those surrounding themselves. It is believed to play a significant role in every kid’s life as the level of this development often dictates how likely the future of the child would be.

Cognitive Development Activities

Over the years, many would come to think that the development of logical minds could be achieved with proper guidance from parents. Along with this, stimulating activities for five years old kids or even those younger are being promoted.

Below are some of the most common and effective activities intended for kids of such age for improving cognitive development.


    Though we wish for our kids to develop cognitive skills at an early age, it is important that we do not take away their childhood. Did you know that playing is considered as among the most stimulating activities that we can give to our kids in the course of cognitive development? However, we must make sure that the games we are rendering are still constructive and are structured to promote concentration among the toddlers.

    There is no need for a child to be born an artist or talented to have a fully developed cognitive skill. Most number of kids nowadays only learns about art through activities implemented by their parents. Art related activities include drawing, painting, and the likes.


    Aside from indoor activities, we can have our kids; we can also promote socialization among them if we want them to pass through well defined cognitive development stages. Allow your child to be with other people and to interact with them. This way, they will learn how communication is like in real life. Subsequently, they will have the feeling of being in a group which makes it easier for them to adapt to their environment.

    Since the main focus of cognitive development is the enhancement of the thinking skills of a child, it is essential to provide them activities relative to writing, reading, and mathematics. As parents, you can have them taught on this, but if you find it hard to do on your own, you can hire or work with a teacher.

    It is important for kids to have a good connection between how the mind works and the way the body performs. Make your kids experience hands-on activities like a museum and zoo visits.

You can improve cognitive development by more than these stimulating activities for 5 years old; however, these are just a few to name. This is the reason why as parents you must keep working to build a good program for your child in terms of enhancing cognitive skills. We at Spec Kid Club would love to deliver your needs on this aspect. Explore more of our website to know how we can help you further.