3-6 Months Old Physical Development

February 21, 2019

3-6 Months Old Physical Development

An infant is like a plant when nurtured and cared in the right way their physical body improves in the proper way.
Infant physical development is another part of each parent’s checklist. This is the part of a child’s development that a parent can see. It is easy to determine what changes are happening; the more reason to keep an eye on your child’s physical changes.

Physical changes in infancy also have different milestones every three months. That’s why it is important to look out for their health well especially what they drink and eat.  Physical development in babies covers other skills such as fine motor skills and gross motor skills. If not taken care of your baby’s health will be at risk.

The Signs of Infant Physical Development

Infancy is a crucial level in the stages of physical development in humans because it is just the beginning of changes. Parents always wonder what might be wrong, what their child is lacking, and how can they keep their child away from diseases that can badly affect their child’s physical development. As a matter of fact, at the age range of 3-6 months old, infant physical development has not that many physical changes it is just the improvement of physical change milestone when they were 0-3 months old only. Here are the signs you need to look out for infant physical development of a three to six-month-old.

  •         Babies are starting to recognize their own body.
  •         Slowly controls their body.
  •         Since they can now control their body, they will start to grasp objects.
  •         Can lift head and chest
  •         Plays with an object and even swipe it from left to right or vice versa.
  •         Can wave arms and legs.
  •         Plays with their toes when lying on their back.
  •         Rolls back and forth
  •         They can now prop up their own weight.

How Can You Help Your 3-6-Month-Old with Infant Physical Development?

If you are having trouble with your child’s slow physical change, you have to try activities that can encourage or enhance it. Your infant might take too slow, but developments will come at once. Try out these simple activities that can encourage infant physical development.

Place them on The Floor

By doing this, your baby may be curious about what they are going to do. Give them their own time to exercise themselves whether they are lying on their back or their tummy.

Surround them with Toys

Give them a wide variety of toys that they can see, touch, or look at. This is to exercise the way they hold objects and how to grasp things.

Baby Rattles

Place it beside them and observe what they are going to do with it. You must show them first how it’s done.

Minimal Exercises

Try minimal exercises like tickling them, act like you are chasing them to make them crawl and play with their fingers and toes.

Your baby is going to experience more changes, and it’s for the better that you are going to be there to observe and guide them. You and your child are a team, and together you will learn more from each other. Being of guide to them is also a form of bonding that can strengthen the parent and child relationship. It might be hard because your baby won’t be cooperative at times that’s why compose yourself before handling your child, and it takes a lot of patience to get through each stage. We at Spec Kid Club can be part of your team, and we can give you more infant physical development advice that can help you.