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The Developing Child: Infant Teething Stage

Newborn babies have their own stages of physical development that have their own timeline too. A physical change in infancy includes hair growth stage, bone and muscle growth, weight, height, and the infant teething stage. As a parent, you have to keep an eye on these changes to know what changes are advanced or delayed. Your baby will be having a hard time with these changes so also must be informed on what particular stage your baby is in depending on their age. One of the stages in physical changes in infancy that your baby will struggle with is the infant teething stage. How Soon Does The Infant Teething Stage Starts? Physical changes in infancy happen one by one or maybe even at the same time. The baby’s first...

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Newborn Tummy Time Activities For Playtime

Interactive activities for children allow for playtime,  growth and physical development. Each activity with your child builds a bond between parent and child. Parents the first playmates for their infants. Each activity which allows parents and children to bond build trust and familial foundation. The tummy time activity is one way of forming a bond and good support for physical development for children.  Tummy time activities should begin when the baby reaches three months old wherein they can be capable to crawl. Physical development in babies and motor skills development are connected directly; this is why tummy time activities are required to help in developing both aspects. Babies need their parents to support to reach each physical milestone. The Importance of Tummy Time Activities Babies always lay on...

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