Tips to Send Baby Back to Sleep for Physical Development

The night was peaceful, and the music was so calm that your baby was sent to bed early. You were too happy that at last, you can find comfort after the whole day of looking after your kid crawling all over his crib. You got yourself prepared for bed as well and look forward to a long night of rest. However, just a few minutes from then, you heard your baby crying. Yes, he was awake for no reason and wanted to be carried by you. They seem to be a moment to meet your night dreams turned out to be yet another part of the daily parenting of yours. You’ve got nothing to do to escape the real-life scenario, and so you picked your baby up and started sending him to sleep again. Thoughts came across your mind, and you wonder how you can send the baby back to sleep after being awake.

You were carrying your baby for half an hour, but his eyes stay wide open; without any sign of getting back to sleep. Frustration starts to take your emotions perhaps due to tiredness that you were feeling. Standing along the dim light inside the room, you were bothered by this thing. It happens not just one but many times. Sending your baby to sleep after being awake becomes a challenge for you since day one of being a mom. You have tried a lot of techniques to make him fall asleep again but to no avail. Should you finally give up and endure the pain of hearing your baby crying while you attempt to send him to bed? Well, we hope you do not think of this option even for once.

Why the baby usually wakes up at night after being sent to bed?


It is such a puzzle to you why your baby wakes up at night. You think that there is no reason why this is happening aside from the fact that he is undergoing such changes in the physical development stage.

The fact is that there are some reasons for this. Check the below list to understand more.

  • The room environment suddenly changed. The room might be cool enough to send your baby to sleep. However, an hour from that moment, their room becomes warm that your baby felt uncomfortable with it. This is one of the reasons why your baby would probably wake up at night. It could also be the other way around. Your baby might wake up because his body can no longer endure the coldness.

  • The routine your baby is following. Your baby usually gets awake from sleep due to a change in his or her daily routine. Especially when your baby got much time playing the whole day or has just come from a vacation or trip, you can expect for him to wake up after a short sleep. Your baby might have been caught in the middle of various activities for language development and emotional development activities that he couldn’t find the best way to regain the lost strength as used the whole day. Too, it is possible that your baby wakes up due to different developmental skills that he is undergoing. Most likely, when baby starts to learn how to walk or crawl, he would grab as many chances as there are to do and practice the skills even during night time.
  • Eating pattern. Though your child eats before you send him to bed, this does not necessarily mean that the baby could not feel hungry anymore throughout the night. This problem usually arises among babies who drink milk or feed on a bottle at night time. This thing gives them the expectation that they are as well to be fed at any moment within the night. As such, they tend to wake up, cry, and look for something to eat.

  • Your child’s medical condition might also be a reason why he unknowingly wakes up at night. He might be feeling uneasy or is that something is wrong with how he feels. As such, it is of high importance to assess the main reason for this so as for you to make suitable actions towards it.

    How to send the baby back to sleep?

    We know for a fact that our babies need enough time of sleep, especially at night. This is to make sure that they are getting the right kind of rest after a day of stressful activities. But, the question is that, how are you able to do this? Would there be any way to address this problem that has been hunting you for weeks now? Well, the good thing is that there are absolutely ways to send your baby back to sleep after being awake at night.

    How you make your baby fall asleep again would depend on the reason why at first he woke up. However, there are basic strategies that you can try to work out for your baby situation.

  • Adjust the temperature of your baby’s room. Remember that the physical development happening to your baby could make his preference on temperature to change. If your baby suddenly wakes up and you are certain he is not hungry nor is under the weather, check your air conditioning unit. Make sure that its temperature is set just as right. The weather might get colder as the night passes by, so you may consider getting the degree higher. If you are using a fan, however, check if it would be better to have it directly cooling your baby or would the baby feel more comfortable having it turned off. It would be a matter of intelligent judgment in your part as a parent.
  • Comfort your baby. Feeling uneasiness could be the reason why your baby gets awake. As such, try to pick your baby up and let him fall asleep again. Just be sure not to get him rocked from the chair as this is something your baby might look after to every time he cries. Simply pick him up for a moment that is enough for him to recover and become comfortable with sleeping again. Also, do not turn the lights on unless there are careful details that you have to look into your baby. Lights can give a signal to babies that is time to wake up.
  • Wait for your baby to get drowsy before putting him to bed. It is essential that you remember only to send your baby to sleep when he is tired and not sleeping.

  • As this task might be frustrating on your part, it is advisable to always keep yourself calm at any given time. Your baby tends to feel your emotions that may affect his sleeping pattern. If you want him to have a good sleep, always bring out the most comfortable environment for him.

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