Stages of Physical Development: Tips for Nap Time with Your Toddler

February 24, 2019

Stages of Physical Development: Tips for Nap Time with Your Toddler

Napping is an essential part of the development of a toddler. Every child needs to recharge, and that is why as a parent, you will need to make sure that you give importance to their napping time because if not, you will be suffering the consequences. The developing child needs all the rest that he can have. Napping is one of the physical development activities of a toddler. The duration of their sleep greatly impacts their physical and mental development. Sleeping contributes to one's health, physical development, and even mental health.

Toddlers need a lot of sleep so that they get the energy that they need and for them to grow. But how long should a baby sleep? Is there a specific time or how long should a nap take? It depends on the age of the baby so let’s find out how long should your baby take a nap and how often.

  • Newborns do sleep a lot, and in an average, newborns can sleep about 16 hours of sleep in a day.  
  • Infants will develop a different habit so they will mostly take about 4 to 5 hours of sleep. By this time, babies will establish that they need to have a napping time of their own so they can take at least two naps a day.

  • Toddlers or those aged 1 - 3 years old, they need about 12 up to 14 hours of sleep so their nap times will decrease. Let’s say they will have just one naptime a day.
  • Preschoolers - School-Aged children, at this stage, there is just a little portion of children who are napping, and to some extent, some don’t nap anymore. This changes because they get plenty of rest at night so they don’t need time to nap anymore.

Every baby is different, and even if there are recommended number of naps depending on the age, sometimes your babies may need more or less sleep than the average. As a child moves on to being a toddler, mostly they will lose the need for napping in the morning and early evening nap and this nap will sometimes be just once a day. But you need to establish that even just once a day, they will get the much-needed rest. This is because it will contribute to the stages of their development.


A lot of things can change if your baby grows into a toddler. One of these changes is the amount of sleep that they will have. From babies, they can have four naps, and as they grow rapidly, the number of naps can be changed to three, down to two until they only nap once a day. But even the nap time is only once, as a parent you need to make sure that this nap time will be convenient for your baby. You can say have a comfortable nap mat that can help your toddler enjoy his nap. Naps are important to your child’s development because sometimes they can be cranky and when that happens, it only shows that they need to take a rest.

Though there are child’s educational toys that can help in their development, napping is still critical and will help the developing child. The best time for naps is after lunchtime or early in the afternoon. It is important to take note that your child should not take a nap late in the afternoon because it will interfere with his capacity to sleep at night.

Every toddler needs quiet time. It is hard to make your child sleep because they are too energetic to do such things and they will sometimes make an excuse for napping. The secret is to make them understand how important napping is for their development. Explain to them that everyone in the house needs to sleep as this will make the body strong and healthy. When this is explained well, then you won’t have a problem the next time you ask for your child to sleep.

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