Newborn Tummy Time Activities For Playtime

February 21, 2019

Newborn Tummy Time Activities For Playtime

Fun activities for babies build a bond between parent and child. Parents are every infant’s first playmate; these activities build family, trust, bond, and a great family foundation. Such recreations like tummy time activities are one way of forming a bond and good support for physical development activities. Although fun activities are said to be just for fun, it can also be for the enhancement of physical changes in infancy.

Tummy time activities should be started when the baby reached three months old wherein they can be capable of crawling. Physical development in babies and motor skills development are connected directly; that’s why tummy time activities are required to help in developing both aspects. Babies need their parents to support to reach each physical milestone.

The Importance of Tummy Time Activities

Babies always lie on their back the first few months since they were born. This is due to their gross and fine motor skills not being developed yet. Tummy time activities can help with their development. Additionally, babies who spent lying on their back too much will experience plagiocephaly or the so-called flat head syndrome. Infants when they were born their heads are already flat not to keep it this way it is highly encouraged to exercise your baby through activities. Tummy time activities can strengthen an infant’s neck and core for the baby to have more control to the said body parts.

By some token, tummy time activities assist in the preparation of the infant for the gross motor skills. It is also a form of exercise for them to let their bones and muscles be used to moving. Tummy time activities can take longer for over 2 hours a day so that your baby can be more accustomed to this activity. At first, babies will not cooperate to that you must have a lot of patience to keep up with them. Don’t force your baby to do tummy time activities if they can’t; every infant has its own pace. Also, show your baby that it is for fun and not compulsory to not put pressure on them. If ever your baby is an example of this child here are some activities to make it fun for them.

Tummy Time Activities

  • Parents can be the floor let your child lie on their tummies and let them crawl on you. This is the chest to chest position; since your baby can see your face, they would feel more comfortable. Just make sure that you are lying down on the bed or somewhere soft so that when your baby lost their balance, they can fall safely.
  • Let your baby lie on their stomach on your legs when you are seating; this can also be the same as crawling on the floor. As long as the baby is lifting their neck, they are already exercised.
  • Make a baby airplane. Lie down on your back and raise your knees, position your baby on your legs and let their chest and stomach lie there. Act as if the baby is flying through the support of your knees and legs. Make sure to hold their hands for support.

  • Surround them with toys on the floor. Scatter toys around them while they are lying on their stomach. This can practice how they reach toys and raising their heads. Parents should be near them to be at watch in case something goes wrong or when your baby lies down again on their back rather than on their stomachs.
  • If your baby cries because of tummy time try to entertain and distract them as much as possible. Make funny faces, cute noises, act like a character out of a kid’s show or anything that can entertain your baby. This is to distract them and let the infant be accustomed to lying on their tummy.
  • Get an exercise ball and position the baby on top of it. Play along with the child by rocking the ball, bouncing it a little, rolling it forward and backward somewhere. Just hold them firmly to avoid unnecessary accidents.
  • Place your baby on top of a pillow while they are lying on their chest and stomach. This can help your baby to be comfortable with the tummy time position and not cry like they use to.

Show your baby how to do it, when the baby is already on their chest and stomach position yourself like that as well. This will show the baby that it is okay and there is nothing to worry about. Lie with them like that until the baby gets used to it.

As a parent, you always worry if the physical changes in the infancy of your baby are going to be delayed or not. Parents will do whatever it takes to have their child’s physical changes and gross motor skills have their own normal pace. Always remember not to force your child with these changes and activities for they have their own physical milestone pace. Spec Kid Club will be of help to parents, especially new parents when it comes to helping your child develop well and safe.