Is My Child Reaching the Right Milestones for Physical Development?

Seeing your friend’s baby crawling while the other one mumble makes you feel like pressured to get yours do the same. Your baby brings you joy, but you cannot deny the fact that you feel irritated knowing that he has been left behind in terms of physical development and cognitive development as well.

Searching over the net, you probably got a lot of ideas in terms of providing stimulating activities and sensory play ideas for babies. None of them worked for your child.

The reason why your child didn’t react to all of the activities you had for him is not that he is not capable of. It could be because the rendered activities are beyond the timely stages of physical development in humans that your child should have.


It is important that you know exactly what your child should be able to do at a specific period. This is to not disappoint yourself from expecting too much.

The Timetable of Baby’s Development for 5 Years and Below

2 Months Old

During this stage, your child must be able to make small responses such as smiling when hearing sounds. They begin to show signs of changes when it comes to physical development. He must also be capable of following you with his eyes.

3 Months Old

Your child by this moment should be able to smile to other people and can grasp objects. Too, he can raise his head and chest.

4 Months Old

Baby can now imitate sounds, babble, and laughs.

6 Months Old

By this time, you can see your baby moves an object from one hand to another as well as rolling back to stomach and vice versa.

7 Months Old

At this stage of physical development, your child can respond to you when called by his name.

9 Months Old

This is the time when you can expect your child to be able to crawl and sit by himself without support.

12 Months Old

At one year old, your child can speak at least a word and is starting to show signs of having cognitive development. He must also be capable of walking with or without support.

18 Months Old

A year and a half after you gave birth to your baby, he must be able to walk independently and determine different body parts. He must also be capable of speaking at least 15 words.

2 Years Old

As soon as your child reaches this stage, he is expected to run and jump on his own. He can also start to follow simple instructions.

3 Years Old

As your child grows, you can see more development. He can climb, speaks multiple sentences and starts to identify shapes and colors.

4 Years Old

Your child by this time begins to socialize with other people specifically to the other members of the family. He starts to strengthen emotional development.

5 Years Old

At this point, a child has undergone a higher stage of cognitive development that he can get himself dressed. He also skips hops and jumps. Further, he counts at least from 1 to 10.

If you noticed your baby getting a hard time coping up with these, then working with people who can help you implement stimulating activities for five years and below would be necessary.