Baby Monitor: New Parents' Must Have for Kid's Physical Development

February 24, 2019

Baby Monitor: New Parents' Must Have for Kid's Physical Development

As parents, we all got seven days a week and twenty-four hours in a day. These may sound like too much for us, but the reality is, we still often find ourselves running out of time. It is indeed a challenging task to look over your kid particularly when you are a first-time mom or dad. This is the moment when you probably be searching over the net of the must-have of new parents about your child’s physical development.

Checking your child at any given minute of the day could puzzle you most especially when you have full-time work outside the home. This is the reason why many parents opt to gadget use that allows them to watch over their kids even when they are from different locations.

As we know, kids are bound to undergo various physical development activities. Though these activities are expected to bring good effect to our child, we cannot set aside the possibility of our child being at risk whenever they do physical stuff. As such, it is a must-have for new parents to use a baby monitor at home.

What is a Baby Monitor?

A baby monitor is a device or a gadget used to monitor your baby’s audio and visual actions. It consists of a transmitter and portable receiver which allow parents to look after their child who might be in another room.

Others term or refer baby monitor as a baby alarm. This is so because they can give a sign to the parents whenever their child needs help. This device is handy for physical development observation example.

Which Baby Monitor to Choose?

As technology continues to dominate today’s time, many types of baby monitor have been discovered and programmed over the years about physical development in babies.

Below are some of the common types of it.

  • Baby Monitor for Motions
  • Our child’s position during sleep time is not strange within the stages of physical development. Though our kids are lying on a bed and are resting in sound, there is still a need for us to monitor them. Here is where the baby monitor for motions becomes very useful. It is a wireless devised with a sensor placed behind your kid’s bed. It is responsible for detecting the movements of your kid while asleep.

    Since babies would normally move every 20 seconds, this device can alarm a parent the moment the baby stop moving. Too, this device can give a signal to parents when there is something wrong with how the baby cries or breathe.

  • Baby Monitor for Sounds
  • Among the three main types of baby monitors, this one is considered to be the most common. It is programmed to monitor the sounds being produced by the baby inside a room. This becomes very useful to parents at times they want to be informed as soon as their baby wakes up and cries. Since this gadget is portable, parents can carry this over their home so they can still do their chores while doing baby monitoring. As such, they got a better way of taking over the tasks involving physical development in babies.

  • Baby Monitor with Video
  • If you belong to the group of parents who become unsatisfied with just hearing sounds from their kids and wanting to see them even when apart, this baby monitoring device is the best for you. This does have a camera and microphone which are enabled to transmit a signal to the parents based upon the audio and actions performed by the kid being monitored.

    Becoming a parent and raising a kid the way they should be is one of the most rewarding experience a being could have in this world. As such, as soon as you become one, you put your kid’s safety at utmost consideration and opt to do whatever it takes to guide them.

    Spec Kid Club joins you on this endeavor, and we would be happy to welcome your child on our community. Get in touch with us to know how we can help.