Welcoming The New Baby at Home

As a new parent, one of the things that you will make adjustments about is having your first child. There are several changes in both of your lifestyles. A new parent will have to make changes with her daily routine. For example, unlike the former days, you can go to the mall or out of town anytime, but when you are a mother, there is a little person you must always consider. The rule baby first is applicable and must not be broken at all cost. This is the same as welcoming the new baby at home. A parent must consider what their child will feel and compromise after.


Parents and child build a bond through activities and everyday interaction. My daughter and I have built a bond by talking and doing girly stuff together. Her father takes her out, and they will have a date. These reasons warm up my heart making me want another child. However, I can’t help but think if my daughter will be happy about it or not. Furthermore, I am concerned about how will she act upon the situation. What should a parent do when welcoming the new baby at home?

Warmly Welcome the New Baby at Home

Yes, having one child is already nerve-wracking and hair pulling. On the contrary, it will be fun and nice to have a new baby at home. Imagine new sunshine swaddled in baby clothes and blanket that will be another heartwarming sight. In truth, a lot of adjustments must be prepared in welcoming the new baby at home. Listed below are the things you must prepare and adjust while waiting for the new baby at home.

Baby Budget

When you only had your first child, all the expenses are budgeted on her. Parents have already planned out where their savings will go. If you are one of those parents who didn’t include a second child in their plans then better think of ways on how to break down the savings. You have gone through this the first time. The second time will be proof if you learned well and if you are already a certified parent. Plan and handle the baby budget well without affecting what you have planned for your family especially with your first child.

Nursery Room

Recreate your first child’s baby room and build a new style for the second baby. Transfer your first child to their own room but make sure that it is close enough with how their first room was designed. This is to have an easier adjustment for them. However, you can start with this change only when you have an idea about your baby’s gender finally.

Prepare the Old Stuff

To make budget saving easier, do not buy baby items that you still have at home. If it’s still working you have no reason to buy a new one unless it has some small defects. An example of baby items from your first child will be the baby monitor, stroller, walker, baby tub, baby brushes, and so on.

Baby Bottles and Pacifiers

Just clean and sterilize your first baby’s baby bottles and pacifiers for your second child to safely use it. This is why it is better to keep your first child’s items in the case that a new baby at home comes. This saves your budget and more practical.

Preparing the First Born With the New Baby at Home

Now that you have an idea about the things you must make adjustments, here is the most significant situation to concern about. Regardless of the age gap of your first child to your upcoming second child they still should be included in what you will consider. It’s either your child easily accept and welcome the baby, or they will have a negative reaction to it. To avoid jealousy and negativity in welcoming the new baby at home, parents and child can do the following:

Read Them Picture Books and Stories about Siblings

If your child is younger than age 2, you can start it off by showing them picture books about siblings. Through this, they will keep asking questions as to why there are siblings and what relationship is. Also, this can be a form of social development in early childhood.

Introduce Younger Children

If your child shows actions of hogging all your attention then better straighten their attitude before the second child comes. When a child is already spoiled and used to having all the attention, then it will be hard for them to welcome the new baby at home. Expose your child to kids younger than them. There is a high chance that your child might ask for a sibling if they find socializing and making friend’s fun.

Communication is Important

Children who are already going to school may understand this situation if parents and child talk one on one. They may not fully understand the whole reason, but once their sibling arrives, they will easily catch up. Just talk to them how everything will work it out and why this happens. Furthermore, if they happen to accept the new baby quickly do not make them feel that they are left behind.

When the Baby Arrives

The most important thing to remember in welcoming the new baby at home is never to make your first child feel that you don’t pay attention to them anymore. This may grow upon your child and may build up to jealousy. A gap is also possible to happen, and we all don’t want that. When it comes to taking care of your second child always involve your first child. Give them time together, or parents can allow them to help in taking care of their sibling.

Give your first child the same amount of attention even though there is a new baby. This situation will also help them with welcoming changes positively. Having a sibling is fun and heartwarming; this is what parents should make their children realize. Keep the family ties and bond strong. For more parenting and family concerns, visit our website Spec Kid Club, and we can help you there.