Tips and Tricks for Toddlers Sleeping in their Own Bed

As much as we want to keep our babies within our arms, there are moments when we would need to let them go. This is the time when we no longer have to sleep with them at our room and instead send them to bed on their own space. Though getting our toddlers sleeping on their own is something that may give us sign of having our child being into a higher level of the physical and social development stage, this isn’t as easy as we think it is.

For many parents, having their child sleep alone on their room appears to be a challenge. This is because most number of children would not want to get separated from their mom and dad even for hours. So, if this thing becomes a part of your daily parenting challenges, check the following tips on how you can send and keep your child at their own room during night time.

What to do to make your child sleep in his own room?

If you have been trying so hard to make your toddlers sleeping on their own,  check these tips that would end up your dilemma.

  1. Transform your baby’s room into an inviting one.

One of the best ways to make your baby’s room inviting is to let him be a part of it. This means that you have to get your child involved during the decoration process. Ask him about his preferred room theme. Most of the times, a child has a favorite cartoon character which he would want to see always. Make it the inspiration of the room design, and you will see how your child would love the place. Too, having this kind of process would give a chance to quality parents and child bonding.

Another thing to consider when preparing your child’s bedroom is the size of the bed. You have to know whether your child prepares a larger bed or not. While other children would love to have a relatively big bed, others can get intimidated with this.  As such, ask your child onset of the planning regarding this matter.

  1. Make bedtime a moment to look forward to.

Creating an interesting bedtime routine could help you a lot to keep your baby wanting to sleep in his own bedroom. You can start by having storytelling time or anything like feelings activities for toddlers. With this, spend 30 minutes to an hour of doing it. Tell him that you would have the same activity every night for as long as he would sleep in his own room. Too, you can create stories telling your kid that every time he goes to his room at night time, he is visiting his own palace like a prince or princess.

  1. Set up a friendly rule for toddlers sleeping in their own room.

It is better to keep your kid discipline at an early stage. Let him know that there is a need for him to sleep on his own by his stage. Set rules for this and be consistent and firm with it. Do not give in to the will of your kid just because he cries a lot. You are not helping your child with this. Instead, you are just teaching him to be like a spoiled brat. Just remember that you have to implement the rule in a friendly manner so as not to scare your child.

Daily parenting is a mixture of pleasure and pressure at the same time. Pleasure for it brings you closer to your baby and pressure for it is a challenge to make your child the kind of kid you wish. Despite all of the things that you have to face though, there is no need to worry much on this. Spec Kid Club is here to help you develop your child, socially, physically, emotionally and logically.