Tips and Tricks for Kids Potty Training

February 23, 2019

Tips and Tricks for Kids Potty Training

As months pass by, we would need to do more of daily parenting and teach our kid of the things they have to know to be a growing toddler.

We are done with teaching our kid how to little by little crawl and eventually walk after that. Now, it is about time for potty training.

It would not be easy; we have to accept this fact. Our kids might feel uncomfortable about this. Some would possibly resist from doing so. Others might feel like they do not want to do so as it is unnecessary. This is the reason why we have to explain to them that using the potty is one way sure way of showing that he has gone the next higher level of physical development in infants.

How to Successfully do Potty Training

Before you let your kid use his potty, be sure that he is well prepared for this. Below is the outline of the things you have to do to make sure your baby is going a smooth potty training process.

  • Let him know what potty is. Introducing potty to your baby will ease the unfamiliarity of your kid towards it. Let the baby know what it is and what is it for. You can also search for books and other printed materials where potty could be seen. This is to make sure your kids are getting the right idea about it most especially how it looks like. Failure to do so may bring anxiety to your baby like how he had when he was introduced to a new food. Raising awareness within your baby will smoothly create a feeling of comfort.

  • Assess signs of potty readiness.  Before you proceed with potty training, be sure that your baby is ready for it. Usually, babies from 18-30 months start to use potty. However, you do not have to force your baby to use it if you think he is not yet fully ready. You have to consider signs of readiness still. One good sign is the fact that your child could stay dry even after his nap time. Too, if your child can easily pick up simple instructions, as soon as you are definite that these signs are visible on your kid, you can start introducing the use of potty to him. However, if you are still in doubt or that these signs are still missing, then wait for the right moment to come. Meanwhile, let your child develop these signs first.

  • Choose the right kind of potty for your baby. Potty comes in different kinds, shapes, and colors. It is not only important to consider how it looks like. Too, it is essential that you also consider the capacity of your baby in choosing which potty to use. His health condition may have something to say about this. So be sure to consult a medical professional for this matter.

  • Do demonstrations. You cannot expect your child to use potty the right way at the very first time. Though there are kids who can perfectly pick up instructions when it comes to potty use, this is not a guarantee of the same situation for your kid. So, as a parent, let him see how it is used. Make a good demonstration, so your kid will know exactly how it is used.

  • Recognize milestone for potty use. Kids do love being praised or receiving good words from their parents at early times of cognitive and social development stage. As such, it would help both of you if you praise or offer a reward to him every time he uses the potty correctly and properly. Encourage your kid always to do the same and explain to him that it is a part of good hygiene among kids.

  • There are still a lot of things that we have to learn in line with daily parenting. Training them how to use the potty is not the ending of our parent and child moments for a lot more is to be experienced.

    Well, despite the challenging task of being a parent, there is no need to worry about this. Spec Kid Club is here to make parenting an exciting and joyful journey for you.