The Do's and Don'ts of Sleepwear for Babies

It is such a great view to see our child on sound sleep. After a day full of activities that in one way or another contribute to the physical and cognitive development, there are no other things that we would wish the kid to have other than having a good bedtime.

You have been giving him all the comforts this world has to offer. From the food, he has to eat, to the child educational toys, to everything. Are you certain that your kid is always safe and in good condition while he rests his body and gets power for the next day?

One of the many queries a mommy, especially the first time ones, would ask is that what should a baby wear in bed. True enough, the kind of clothes our babies wear has a lot to say about how they behave. Of course, when your baby does not feel comfortable with what he wears, he would probably get irritated and cry. For sure, this is something that you would not want your kid to experience.

What Baby’s Wear is Best for Nighttime?

The type of dress your kids would have to wear when sleeping would depend on the weather observed in your place. During the cold season, you must see to it that your child is being dressed and warmth with footie pajamas. If you then observed that the temperature is still too cold for your baby to have a comfortable sleep, try adding a onesie on his pajama and get his a blanket.

It is important that you analyze the temperature of the room where your child would be sleeping. This is for you to choose to right kind of clothes for the little creature. Too, the physical changes in infancy that happens in your kids also affect their body temperature, so pay attention to them as well.

If so you felt that the room is getting hotter because of the changing season, adjust the clothing of your baby. Consider having one-piece breathable cotton pajama, instead. You can either have a footie pajama or not, depending on how your baby reacts to it.

The DOs and DON’Ts of Sleepwear for Babies

Below are the most common good practices of great moms and dads when choosing their baby’s wear at night.

  1. Assessing how likely your child’s body reacts by making a touch or feeling it with your hands.
  2. You are taking off a layer of your baby’s wear when you feel like his body temperature is getting hotter.
  3. Always make your baby’s room cool. Have blinds and curtains that can be closed during the daytime.

On the other side of the story are the things that parents should not be doing.

  1. You are having the temperature of your baby’s feet and hand as your basis. These parts of the baby’s body are often cooler as compared to the rest of the body parts.
  2. Avoid using an electric blanket or hot water bottle.
  3. Do not use gloves or a hat on your baby when sleeping.

Being a parent to cute kids brings a lot of pleasures and happiness to one. And seeing your baby being at ease at any given time is a bonus to this life long joyful journey.

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