Physical Changes in Infancy: Tips for Aggressive Toddlers

February 23, 2019

Physical Changes in Infancy: Tips for Aggressive Toddlers

Humans have been developing their bodies ever since they were just cells from their mother’s womb. From an egg to an embryo, it goes on as cell division happens until the fetus is formed. Being born doesn’t mean they will stop developing, as months go by physical changes in infancy will happen. Nurturing the baby well will help them to adjust with these changes. It can irritate them, and this leads them to become aggressive toddlers.

Physical Development Definition

The development of the babies body starts from the inside out. Cells continue to divide; skeletons start to grow and build to be just 206 bones. Physical development happens over infancy until adolescence, but babies are the most sensitive with these changes because they are confused about what is happening with them. Physical development examples are teeth and hair growth, structuring of bones and muscles, and improvement of the infant’s five sensory organs. Overall these changes, teeth growing is the change that makes babies irritated. It is the common denominator of aggressive toddlers that makes parents struggle with their everyday lives. It is not only aggressiveness but also the loss of appetite and crankiness. If you are having a problem with your baby’s aggressiveness then this article can help you with how to deal with it.

Give Them Something to Bite

Since infants are having a hard time with tooth breaking out of their gums, they want something to bite into. This is what teethers are for, the gummy-looking toys that parents give their babies to bite into instead of biting any objects that can threaten the baby’s health.  Baby teethers will save you from being bitten by your baby, and this will lessen the pain they are experiencing. Teethers are the objects babies pour out their irritation.

Start Giving Them Hard Foods

With this physical development,  it is the signal that tells you to start giving your baby hard foods. Start with vegetables and fruits, letting the baby bite hard foods can help ease the pain of physical changes in infancy. This may be a hard adjustment for the baby, but it is good to let them get used to it as early as possible. As soon as the teeth start growing out then do so.

Empathize with Your Baby

As a parent, you should always be one with your child. When your child experiences pain, you should have a lot of patience and endure it with them. Biting you may happen then just let them. This will be for a while, help them to adjust and be there for your baby. Give them what they desire if that will lessen the pain.

Relieve The Pain

Professionals have already made pain relievers for babies when they start growing out their teeth. Rubbing baby aspirin or alcohol on your child’s gum will do. If you don’t trust pain medications, then stick with home remedies like putting cold objects such as small ice cubes on the gums. The relief may not be for long, but at least it helps the baby to be of comfort for a while.

Celebrate Physical Changes in Infancy No Matter How Irritating

Physical development is irritating to your baby, and you are being dragged with it. Yes, it is troublesome but celebrates the fact that your baby is developing in the right way. Know that this is normal, for this is the first part of the growing stage before the adolescence stage. It is good to experience this with your baby because time flies so fast, witnessing your baby develop and grow can be fulfilling as a parent.  No matter how aggressive your child gets, there are ways to make them stop, be with them until the development process ends.

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