Newborn Tips and Tricks: Bath Time for Babies

An infant is fragile in any way and every corner of their body. Considering the health of the child it’s not just the food they eat, what milk and vitamins they drink that makes them healthy sanitary is also essential. With this in mind bath time for babies is important; however, bathing them should be meticulous. Bath time has benefits for babies, and the reasons will be listed further in this article.


Bathing your baby is not as easy as giving a bath to a toddler because babies are more fragile than the average child. Babies should be handled with gentleness and must be carried in the right way. Bath time for babies can also be a form of a bonding moment between parent and child. This can also help in the improvement of a baby’s sensory skill development.

Bath Time for Babies 101

Babies are fragile beings; everything must be in precise measurement; it should not be more or less. Anything should not also be too much to consider what your baby can take. In taking your baby for their first bath time there are things to consider for example when can a newborn baby be given a bath and how long should the bath take?

The developing child has not yet fully developed the stages of physical development in humans.  It is a well-known fact that babies should always be kept warm because their body temperature is still adjusting to the normal human temperature. In addition to that, it is also the reason why babies are given a bath after 14 days that they were born and after their umbilical cord has fallen off their bellies. Also, bath time for babies is a good way to introduce them to sensory child development where their sense of smell and touch are tested.

If your baby is already 14 days old now it is the right time to bath them then again parents have to consider these tips and tricks to give your newborn baby a nice warm bath.

Water Temperature

Babies may have been swimming in their mother’s womb for nine months doesn’t mean they are familiar with the texture and temperature of water. Bath time for babies requires lukewarm water not to shock the baby’s senses. Cold water can give the baby chills, and hot water may overheat the baby or irritate their skin. Water temperature should not be lower than 100F.

Room Temperature

Don’t just give thought to the water temperature; room temperature must be taken into consideration.  should not happen where there is air-condition chosen room in your place where the temperature is in tropical warmth. Make sure that the room where you’ll bath them is warm, safe, and sanitary.

Organize Everything

All the bath tools that are going to be of use should be gathered before taking your newborn baby to the bath so that it won’t waste time in finding what you are supposed to use. Gather these things in one go: tub, sponge, diapers, soft towels, stretch sleeper, baby shampoo (make sure that it has no-tears formula), and hairbrush.

Bath Time Clock

Set a specific time on when you will bath your baby. This would be set in a time where it is most convenient for you. To avoid making them uncomfortable in their bath time, you should not take them to bath when they are hungry or if they have just finished eating. Bath time for babies should not take too long; a bath good for 5-10 minutes is already fine.



On the first fourteen days of an infant, they are just inside a room, and they are not that exposed to too much dirt. Just use water for the first bath. However, on the following days that you will give your baby a bath, you can use soap, but you must use soaps that are fragrance-free and gentle non-soap cleanser to avoid irritation and dryness of skin.

Don’t Leave the Baby Unattended

This is the reason why you have to gather all the objects needed before bath time for babies. Your baby still can’t support their own weight that is why they need someone to make them stand and sit. Furthermore, if you keep them unattended, an accident might happen as a possibility of drowning, and we don’t want that. However, if you have someone to assist you in bathing your baby then this can lessen your hassle and worries of leaving your child behind.


Use soft sponges in cleansing your baby’s body to avoid harming the skin.

Expect Shocked Reactions

It is your child’s first bath experience so expect it to be kind of messy. Handle them well by whispering and caressing them softly to calm them down. Also don’t force them to take a bath if they cried so much just let them get used to the feel of water bit by bit, use a washcloth if ever they still can’t adjust well.

Your baby is going to cry in every first time experience they will encounter. Moreover, since it’s their first time as a parent, you must be the person to attend to them. Bath time for babies is going to be a hassling situation at first but as time goes by your baby will have fun, and this will form a bond between parent and child. For more first time experiences with your baby check out for tips and tricks that may help you.