Newborn Baby Care: 3 Tips for New Parents Plus New Learning Toys for Toddlers

Newborn babies are the most vulnerable being especially on their first 28 days. During this time, they can easily pick up infections when parents don't perform proper newborn baby care.

As an excited parent, sometimes, we forgot to follow the proper way of cleaning and taking care of our babies. From how they are hygienically taken care of to the types of newborn development toys we give, there is a call for us as parents to become extra careful.

So, what are the things we tend to forget which in fact, should always be considered?

Basic Newborn Baby Hygiene

To avoid unnecessary situations here are some of the basic tips in keeping your baby clean:

How to  Clean Baby’s Face And Head?

  • Moisten a cotton wool ball using your clean hands with warm water and gently clean your newborn’s eyelids, wiping from inner eye to outer eye. Remember to use a different piece of cotton wool for each eye to make sure you are doing the right process of newborn baby care.

  • For the ears, use a cotton wool ball to wipe behind and around the outside of baby’s ears. Ensure that no part of the wool is left behind ears.

  • In drying your baby’s hair, gently move the dry towel forward and backward across the scalp.

  • Moving onto baby’s gums and teeth, clean it with clean washcloth and water after morning and evening feed. Wipe the front and back of the teeth also using a clean washcloth and water. If you have a  12 months old baby, you can use a soft infant toothbrush to brush teeth with water at least twice a day.

Steps in Cleaning the Nails and Umbilical Cord

  • In cutting your baby’s nails, make sure to use special baby scissors or an emery board. Often, it is necessary to work with someone else to help in holding the newborn baby while the other trims the nails. You can also try trimming the nails when they are asleep.

  • Wash your hands before cleaning your baby’s umbilical cord. Clean the area with safe water and make sure that the stump is dry after bathing. For the stump to heal fast, avoid covering it with plastic pants or diapers. Fold the diapers away from the stump if possible. Also, avoid touching the cord stump as much as possible.

Genital Care for Newborn Baby

  • Wet a cotton ball when bathing your baby girl, hold her legs apart and then wipe between the labia with the wet cotton ball. Remember to start at the front and gently wipe backward.

  • For baby boys, gently rinse his genital area with water while bathing.

  • Do not forget to give your baby some “diaper free time” and air their skin to prevent diaper rashes.

Aside from the tips mentioned on how to keep your baby clean, it is also important for a parent to know the basics of daily parenting. It is also a must that you get yourself aware of the new learning toys for toddlers so you can, too, be part of their physical, emotional and cognitive development.

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