Keep Toddler Busy on Every Trip

February 27, 2019

Keep Toddler Busy on Every Trip

Every mother’s common denominator is the struggle to keep a child stay put and to stop them from nagging. Hearing your child complain and ask for something is already a part of a parent’s daily life. No matter how much you find them annoying, you still give in to their whining. Parents and child will always be a series of word exchange that you’ll ask yourself “Does this even make sense?” To keep toddlers busy is difficult since they are easily distracted and bored. Parenting is an adult stage where you can’t help but think that maybe it’s time to call in a psychiatrist.

As from my own experience, the most difficult situation where nagging is involved is while I am driving. It feels like a matter of life and death situation. You have to choose between giving your child what they want or continue driving for safety. My husband and I found it hard to
keep toddlers busy. We tried several techniques and strategies to keep toddlers busy. Parenting isn’t something we can throw away because it is hard. This is a part of an adult’s life wherein finding solutions is better than complaining. However, the struggle is real.


Keep Toddlers Busy When You’re on The Wheel

Just like what I’ve said in my previous blog, the developing child has a hard time to determine their emotions. A child’s emotional development stages differ in each age range. The younger they are, the harder it is to express what they feel. For this reason, they sort to nagging, having tantrums, or simply giving you the cold shoulder.

Also, when kids are excited, they tend to be more hyper. Their energy can’t seem to be reached. Too much happiness on their system may result in running, jumping, shouting, and a series of questions. Either of these emotions is hard to handle especially when you are driving. This is why strategies to keep toddlers busy are essential.

We parents always want to execute our plans well. You planned out a trip to relax with the whole family. However, while on the road your child stresses you out while you are driving. My child often asks me the same question, and if I don’t answer her, she will stand up on her seat to get near me. It’s not just for me, but my husband also experiences this. Instead of being relaxed and enjoying the road trip, I worry that we might get into an accident or our child might hurt herself inside the car.

To ease up our worries, my husband and I thought of ways to keep this from happening.  Listed below are the strategies we tried to keep toddlers busy while going out on a trip.

Activities to Keep Toddlers Busy Inside the Car

Music Shuts Them Up

Download some of their favorite nursery rhymes and play it on your car radio. This won’t shut them up, but this will stop them from nagging you while you are driving. Kids will love to sing along; they may even sing at the top of their lungs. The car trip will be noisy, but it’s better than worrying about an accident. Another activity that involves music is to give your child a music player whether it’s a phone or tablet. Let them wear earphones or headphones. With their favorite children song playing they will stay still in no time. They might even fall asleep while listening to music.

Picture, Picture

Toddlers are easily distracted by pictures. They keep mum when they see images, colors, and structures. Take advantage of this. Bring along a set of picture books that are new to your child’s eyes. To keep toddlers busy you must know what makes them in awe and curious. To make sure that your child won’t nag asking whoever is driving then sit beside them. It is much easier if they have a sibling that can help to keep toddlers busy.

Bring Out The Favorites

Hunny the Bunny, Pooh the Bear, Vroom vroom the car or whatever the name of your child’s favorite toy. These toys can help to keep toddlers busy. If your car has enough space, you can bring two to three toys. However, if it’s just a small family car bring one so that others won’t be burdened. When kids are with their favorite stuff toys, they tend to speak to it more rather than the people surrounding them. This is an easy way to distract your kids from creating a tantrum.

Food is the Answer

Let your kids indulge in the snacks you don’t want them to eat on a daily basis. Give them what they ask for like chocolates, candies, or whatever sweet delicacy they want to try. Take advantage of their weakness and desire to eat what they always wanted. Food will keep them from talking or standing from their seats. However, try to bring foods that won’t stain or leave any foul smell inside the car. Just have finger foods with you such as gummies, chips, crackers, cookies, or biscuits.

Let The Games Begin

Play a little game with them. Make rules that won’t let them leave their seats. For example, play I Spy the only rule is they should not leave their seat or else they will lose. Use the parent card in making the rules. There are several games you can do inside the car. You can also compromise that there will be an additional prize if they stay still while playing. Parents and child can also play the word relay game. This game doesn’t just help to keep toddlers busy but also gives a hand in their speech and language development.

Here are several ways that my husband and I have tried to keep toddlers busy on every trip. This is not what you expected as a peaceful result but it will surely end your child’s endless nagging whenever you’re on the wheel. Safety is important. We must not always give in to their whining. Let them learn that attention is not always on them. Make your child understand that throwing tantrums or not staying still inside the car is dangerous. Explain it to them without being harsh or intimidating the child.

For further parents and child concern, visit us at Spec Kid Club. We share ideas and answer questions that make your parenting life somewhat hard and confusing.