HOW TO: Send Preschooler Early to Bed

Kids, like preschoolers, might not have realized yet the value of sleeping that they usually do not want to go to bed come night time. This is the reason why it becomes hard for parents to send preschooler early to bed. There are even moments when they would cry to show their resistance to sleep. They would instead go on a play or watch televisions than staying inside their room to finally get a rest. With this, daily parenting becomes more challenging that moms and dads seem to get bothered by how they can send their preschooler to bed at the right time. This is without the need for them to scare nor hit their child.

How to Make Preschooler Sleep Well

As mentioned earlier, it is normal for kids like the preschoolers do not want to go to bed early. But, this is not a good excuse for you as a parent to tolerate their attitude towards it. You have to help them develop the right way of thinking and ideas about sleeping early. For you to do this, consider the following tips.

  • Make a schedule and be firm with it. It is important that you have carefully designed the night time routine for your preschooler. See to it that you stick with the same time of sleep and waking up. Avoid changing nap time abruptly as this may cause anxiety on the part of your kid. As such, they will end up having a shortened time of sleep. Also, include activities that your kid would love to do for about 30 minutes before his bedtime. You can choose among the preschool development activities such as storytelling and do it with your kids. This way, your child would have something to look forward to when night time comes. Subsequently, they would have the feeling of wanting to go to bed for they enjoy the activities before it.

    Arrange your kid’s room in such a way that it brings a comfortable and cool environment to the child, how the room looks like it has a lot to say about the sleeping pattern of your kid. When he feels good about the space where he is, he is likely to have a sound sleep. You can also consider setting up dimmer light to create sleepy ambiance within the room, or you may want to play soothing music — limitations with what your kids eat before bedtime. If you truly want your kid to go to bed early, then you have to limit their intake of snacks before you send them to sleep. Too much food can make your kid bloated; thus would hinder you from making them fall asleep at the designated time.



    While you aim to make your kid love bedtime earlier, there is a tendency for you to make them dependent on your side. It is best to look after them during night time. However, make sure that you do not pamper him too much that he would not want to close his eyes for sleep unless you stay with him. Remember, having your child sleep on their own is a good sign of having better cognitive development of preschoolers.

    Benefits of Sending Preschooler Early to Bed

    You think that sending your kid to bed at an early time would just give you enough time to sleep as well. However, it is more than just that. There are still more important benefits as listed below.

  • Health benefits. This is the foremost reason why you should always consider sending your preschooler to bed at an early time. Right time of sleeping can have your child get better results during the motor, language and social development stages. In contrast, having late bedtime for kids can subject them to the risk of bad dietary habits. Therefore they could either be under or overweight.

  • Less chance of getting uneasy kind of sleep. Kids have the tendency to do night wakings. This is the time when you will just find your kid awake in the middle of the night, having a hard time to go back to bed. The earlier you send them to bed to get sleep, the less likely will they wake up before morning comes.
  • Creates a better bedtime experience. If you send your kid to bed early, then you are likely to make your kid loves bedtime. With this, the chance of having resistance to sleep could be reduced. Therefore, your kid would likely to avoid having tantrums as he would get enough time of sleep.
  • Gives more bonding time. The earlier your kid goes to bed, the more you’ll have enough time to bond with each other. Unlike when they go to their bed late at night, they are likely to simply fall asleep without even giving the two of you time to check on how each other’s day went by.
  • Gives more time to sleep. Of course, when your child goes to bed early, he would have more time to sleep overall. With this, he would have enough time to prepare himself for the next day and to be recharged for tomorrow’s planned activities.

  • Take time to practice these tips as you will soon realize how important they are when it comes to your child’s physical and cognitive development. See more of this from us at Spec Kid Club.