When There is a Picky Eater at the Table

Parenting is one thing that is always in constant change. You think you have it all figured out and then those kids switch it up on you! . One of the struggles of being a parent is getting your picky eater to eat. Today they may love mac and cheese and then two days later decide they just don't like it anymore.

Always remember that your child isn’t the only one who goes through the this phase.

Things to remember with Picky Eaters


  1. It's Normal

Most kids with go through this stage at least once. They are learning that they can not only have an opinion but they have the ability to voice how they are feeling.

  1.   Try to be consistent with how meal time is done.

Having dinner as a family is something I believe everyone should try to do, but this is not always practical for everyone. However your family chooses to have meals has to work for you. Sometimes consistency with kids is the best thing you can do. This not only gives them a sense of what to expect but they can also see everyone else is eating and trying. This may encourage him to be curious about different foods as well.

      3. Never Force

Never force a child to eat. Their eating schedule is completely different then yours. Forcing only makes it worse. Encourage small healthy snacks in between the bigger meals. Some of my kids favorite snacks are blueberries, strawberries, peanut butter crackers, pretzels, rolled ham or turkey, cheese sticks, and yogurt. 

                   4. Put away the toys and turn off the TV

Turn off the television, put the games and tablets aside and make dinner a distraction free zone. Talk about your day, or what exciting plans you may have coming up, or even talk about the food your eating. In our home, dinner time is usally the kids and I and then about half way through dad gets home from work and we talk about all the stuff we did today and i sneak in a spoon or fork full of something on their plate ( or a reminder .. ''hey bub how about a bite of chicken'') - they are usually to busy talking to dad that they don't seem to notice. 

  1. Let Them Get Their Food on Their Own

When you have called out everybody to go to the dining table, don’t place any food on your child’s plate. Let them have their own way and pick their preferred food from the set of dishes on the table. Another trick is to exaggerate your expression when eating your food. It is alright if they don’t eat a whole meal but just a bit of every dish as long as they have eaten something during mealtime. Also, keep in mind that no child will ever let themselves starve sooner or later they’ll eat what’s been served for them.

  1. Include them in Meal Preparations

Before deciding what the menu is for the day, ask your child first what they prefer to eat. The most effective strategy on how to control your picky toddler at the table because you’ll get to hear their side and not think deeply on what went wrong with the menu for this day. Consider their decision maybe they want to eat a certain dish for that day, this will get them eating and enjoy their meal. However, don’t let your child get used to this strategy every day because too much meal repetitions are not healthy for them. If they suggest the same meal over and over, ask them again for another.

 How to work with your picky toddler at the table is a very tricky thing, but Spec Kid Club is here to help. Spec Kid Club can give you pieces of advice with more parenting concerns.