Guide for Parents: Caffeine for Lactating Mothers

April 30, 2019

Guide for Parents: Caffeine for Lactating Mothers

Lets face it, caffeine is a must have for just about everyone. Coffee, tea, soda, energy drinks, everyone has one bad habit that includes caffeine. Most of the time you don't think twice about drinking it, but you should if your pregnant or nursing. 

During pregnancy its important to do your best to curb the amount of caffeine that you drink, the same goes for nursing mamas. 

The Right Amount of Caffeine for Nursing Mothers

Good news though,  breastfed babies, in most cases, don't suffer from mom's moderate caffeine consumption. Younger babies may show signs of discomfort more so then older babies. Symptoms and signs such as fussiness, gas,reflux, or trouble staying asleep can all be related to caffeine consumption. 

Caffeine is not just in food either. Some medications like pain relievers and menstrual relief, also contain some amount of caffeine. 



If you do find that your baby is showing signs of sensitivity to caffeine, it will usually be a sensitivity that is grown out of as the baby gets older. Newborns, premies, and little ones with illnesses may have a harder time digesting caffeine than older infants. 


Excessive caffeine intake by mama in a nursing baby may also cause the baby to have more wake periods. Caffeine is a stimulant, and can stay in a littles ones system a lot longer than it would in an adult. The chart below shows how long caffeine can affect the different age groups. 

This chart gives you an idea on how long the caffeine could potentially affect your baby. I remember drinking a lot of soda one day after a long night when my son was about two or three months old. I drink soda pretty often but this day I used it as a crutch for my lack of sleep the previous night. Well, duty called for a diaper change and I kid you not my sons BM was fizzy! I could not believe it! Let’s just say I never made that mistake again.  

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