Guide for New Parents: Tips in Choosing Baby Formula

February 24, 2019

Guide for New Parents: Tips in Choosing Baby Formula

Making choices is an inevitable part of us as a human being; of us being parents to our cute kids. Every day of our lives, we are subjected to instances where we need to choose between and among the choices. From the simple to the most complicated aspects of being mommy or daddy, we are then required to pick something from the rest. And choosing the best formula for a baby should we give to our newborn baby is among the many that we have to make.

To date, the market offers a wide range of baby formula. Each of them promises a good effect on our kids. Some even claim to sharpen our kid's minds at a very young age. If we would listen to everything that is being advertised, then we may be misled along the way. Worse than the worst, we would be giving our baby formula that is not suitable for his or her.

Of course, being parents, we are expected to be there for our child and deliver the best for them. With this, we would like to share with you these tips in choosing baby formula.

Factors to Consider in Baby Formula Choices

As mentioned, there is some baby formula made available in the market today. To make sure you are picking the one that is best suitable for your baby’s needs, check these factors to consider when buying.

  • The protein content your baby needs. It is important to know how much protein does your kid needs. It is as essential in the emotional development in infants. Generally, a child who is 0-6-month-olds need about 10 grams of protein per day. If you are going to analyze this, a baby formula that is made from cow milk would contain many additives. As such, you have to check further if its content has been adjusted to make it safe and suitable for your infant’s consumption.
  • What the baby formula label says. Being a mom is a delicate task that only a keen observer could successfully do. Like how you buy other house goods and supplies, you must carefully check the labels of the baby formula you are planning to buy. For when this is not done properly, you are likely to fail in giving your child the best experience during the physical development stages as well as toddler cognitive development milestones. See how much probiotics it contains. Probiotics are the good bacteria essential in helping your baby develop a good digestive system. You may also want to check the gold formula.
  • Additional contents of the method. Due to other health requirements of your baby, you will need to check the additional content of an offered baby formula. Remember that baby formula used for health issues must be purchased with a prescription from your child’s medical professional or doctor. For example, you can find AR/Thickened formula for your baby. This is a type of formula that is often recommended for babies with reflux. In the case of babies with a high level of allergic reactions, a formula like HA/Partially Hydrolysed Infant Formula could be considered. This type of formula has proteins broken into smaller parts which are most suitable for babies who cannot do breastfeeding.

  • Some of the Most Common Baby Formula

  • Soy Infant Formula - this is best recommended to babies who cannot drink cow’s milk protein due to cultural or religious reasons. This one is made from plant protein.
  • Cow’s Milk Formula - of all the types of formula, this one is the most common of them all. It is classified under the main protein type.
  • “Constipation” Formula - for babies who are most of the time constipated, this formula is best recommended for consumption. It has specific carbohydrates that help the baby to retain fluid on their stools. Remember, keeping your baby healthy is a step towards achieving a well defined physical development process.
  • Goat’s Milk Formula - this has the same content as that of the CMP but is more recommended for those who have an allergic reaction to cow’s milk.
  • Hypoallergenic Formula - due to the proteins that are broken down to smaller parts, this HA formula is best suitable for babies with a high level of allergic reaction. The smaller proteins reduce the risk of being reactive to allergens among babies.

  • Different stages of development such as the toddler cognitive development milestones require various levels of nutrients that can be seen on baby formula. This is the reason why extra care must be done at any given time when choosing the best formula for your baby.

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