DAILY PARENTING: Taking Care of Baby Essentials The Dos and Dont's

Keeping an infant safe is the responsibility of each parent. You need to be cautious about everything, from what baby essentials they will use, food that they will eat, and items that they will touch. Being worried about what your child is into is a parent’s nature.

Infants are prone to different diseases since their antibodies are not that fully developed. They are at their most fragile state, physically inside and outside. Physical changes in infancy maybe fast; that is why you have to keep an eye on your child to know what they need to help them adjust with the changes.

It is given that your child needs your full attention. Baby items as well should be given much thought. Be informed on what they were made from and if other parents highly recommend it. You don’t want your child’s health to be in danger, gives you more reason to check every single item you are going to take care of your baby with.

Physical Development in Babies

The immune system is part of the physical development of babies. They may have antibodies that were passed by the mother’s placenta. The amount of antibodies passed by the mother depends on the immunity level of the mother. Antibodies may exist in the infant’s body, but they are not exempted to diseases, they are even more prone to it.

The child’s antibodies are being developed when they are already vaccinated after they were born. Give it 4-6 months to have your baby’s immune system ready to fight germs and bacterias that can affect the health of the baby. Months pass by, and their immune system keeps on going stronger. To keep it more protective of the infant’s body you should be of assistance.

Parents and child learn from each other. Parents guide their child to grow well physically, emotionally, and mentally. Infants can’t take care of their own business; parents should always be ready to assist and guide whenever they are having a hard time with physical changes.

Baby Essentials

One of the things that your baby will have an interaction with are the baby essentials you are going to use every day. From diapers, baby bottles, walker, stroller, and pajamas, you should have good information on what to use, how to maintain the safety for your child to use, and what are the essentials made from. See if everything is safe and not harmful to the baby.

If you are a new parent, you will be having a hard time taking care of baby items. You don’t know where to start and how to handle things. To make things more struggling, you are being pressured as to how you can be a good parent for your child. Start it with the things you are going to use. Here are some do’s and don’ts for baby items.

Baby Bottles and Pacifiers

If you are already done with breastfeeding and now you are using baby bottles, you should know how to clean them properly. Baby bottles and pacifiers go straight to the mouth of your child, be more cautious of this essential. Chemicals for the baby are harmful, make sure that the baby bottle’s nipple is made from safe materials. After using the bottle, you should also sterilize it. Put it in lukewarm water to wash away possible germs from your surroundings. Sterilizing the baby bottle isn’t necessary every day but make sure that you do this thrice a week. This is just to make sure that the baby bottle is safe, enough to prevent your baby from getting germs on their milk.

Also after cleaning the baby bottle, dish soap foam should be properly washed away, chemicals from the soap could poison your baby, or it may lead to problems in the digestive system. Be mindful of baby bottles; this does not just affect externally; this may lead to other problems that may cost the baby’s health.


Another item that you should make sure that is safe for your baby are diapers. Some parents have a problem using diapers because it sometimes gives rashes to the baby’s skin. These rashes could either be mild, or it can be a skin infection. When you buy diapers in the grocery, you should have enough information about what you are going to buy.

Search for recommendations and reviews from several blogs on the internet. Each baby has different skin types so if you are still in doubt of what you are going to make them wear then ask for an expert opinion. Don’t just buy diapers that have a lot of consumers because not everything everybody uses applies to everyone.

You should also change your baby’s diaper immediately when they have already excreted waste on it. The waste of the baby may have toxic contents that can harm the infant’s skin and it can put your baby in an uncomfortable situation. 

Baby Equipment

Stroller and walkers will be used every day by your baby. Be mindful if these pieces of equipment are safe to use, if they are not easily damaged and if these items are not made from harmful chemicals. Babies have a habit of putting objects in their mouths, or when they are in the stage of growing teeth, they tend to bite on any stuff that is in their reach.

Be careful about what brand you will buy, and it should be baby friendly. You can look for brands on the internet or ask the store staff on what baby equipment brand is safe to use for the baby. Clean the pieces of equipment, and babies have tasting tendencies to the objects they see. Make sure the stroller and walker that they are going to bite are well cleaned and not with any dirt. You can also just prevent the baby from putting things in their mouth by teaching them simple rules that they can follow.

Baby essentials should be taken care of. As a parent, this is going to be part of your daily routine. It may be hard to get used to it, but you’ll find yourself doing it naturally. Parents have this natural instinct to not just look out for their baby physically but also everything outside that the baby will be using or will be interacting with. Spec Kid Club is here to help you with these kinds of concerns. Check out http://speckidclub.com/ through our blog, and we can help you with parenthood and share experiences with you along the way.