Birthday Party Ideas for Toddlers

Among the many things in life that calls for a celebration, there is one that stands out the most – birthdays. No matter what age we are in, we always make it a point to do something for our day, especially for the people around us. While children’s parties are more elaborate and customary, it is not them who arrange their own. Who gets busy the most? Us moms! Nonetheless, the perfect set of birthday ideas for toddlers is not just for the sake of the party alone. They can conveniently double as physical, cognitive and social activities for toddlers as well.

However, there are times that we might be guilty of being in excess when it comes to celebrating birthdays. I don’t, and you shouldn’t too, for as a famous saying from Aristotle says, “Not only do we measure change by time, but time by the change because they are defined by one another.” It is in that same sense, and a multitude of other ways, that we impose a kind of order on the passage of time, thus, its significance on any milestone we reach. A birthday, in a rather sentimental sense, is a landmark in time.

Psychology research states that the way we perceive temporal landmarks like decade birthdays or New Year’s Days is us acknowledging divisions between a past self and the present self who has the future in reach. Likewise, we want the same for our little angels even though they are still in the unaware of the world. Given such an overall significant meaning, it is important that we give our kiddos the time of their lives, toddler-wise.

Dos and Don’ts

Toddlers, scientifically speaking, are children aged 12 to 36 months old. These years are particularly a time of great cognitive, emotional and social development. With that said, it is safe to say that this high time of theirs should be properly maximized with healthy activities and events.

Such special character also calls for special needs, though. Yes, you want a fun and exciting party, but you have to remember that the party you are about to plan for is your toddler’s, not yours (yet). Before you get lost amidst all the enthusiasm of birthday ideas for toddlers, you should take note of a few dos and don’ts first.

  •         Strictly VIP

Again, it is neither my party nor yours; it’s the tot’s (sadly). I know you would want to invite some of your friends too, but I recommend scaling back the guest list to only those who matter most. They might acquire some friends at age 3, but if the baby is still 1 or even two years old, it’s better to minimize the crowd to avoid overwhelming the celebrant. Budget-wise, it could also keep costs down.

  •         Time Check

An hour to an hour-and-a-half is already ample time for your toddler’s party. Children of this age bracket have short attention spans and run out of energy and interest quickly. It is also best to plan the party for late morning or late afternoon, or whenever your child’s pre- or post-nap time might be. A tired baby is a grumpy baby, so make sure to get the fun going on their high time.

  •         Extra Hand

We mothers are already stretched-out daily with different things heeding our attention. What more for this special day that might as well require us to divide our bodies into pieces to get everything done at once? You can either ask a family member or hire a babysitter to help you balance your hosting duties by enjoying your tot’s special day.

  •         Play Place

Set a designated play zone, baby-proof it and fill it with age-appropriate toys. Also, consider that many of the babies of this age range are still on all-fours. Help the parents to relax and watch by setting chairs around the zone.

  •         Babies Balloons

These two words are accurately synonymous when it comes to parties. Your little guests would most probably be under 8, so you should go for foil or Mylar instead of latex to avoid choking hazards.

  •         Treats For All

The party may be designed for the little tots, but your food and beverages should cater to all possible ages and preferences present. Take note of allergies and restrictions and keep the snacks simple.

  •         Don’t Stress

At the end of the day, the birthday party is for your baby. They won’t mind if it’s the party of the year or a simple celebration at home with loved ones. Don’t give yourself unnecessary stress by thinking about what anyone else will think.

Nowadays, so many games and activities are becoming predictable staples at birthday parties. It’s ideal for adding some in your plans, too as they will not only be social games for toddlers; they could also instill physical, cognitive and social development in them. These birthday party ideas for toddlers are also designed for guests of all ages.

  •         Simon Says

Turn your little tots’ habit of mimicking adults into a fun game. You can spice yours up by having an adult stand up in front of the kids and have hilarious instructions such as sticking out their tongues or making a funny face. This is a good combination of cognitive and physical activities for toddlers.

  •         Dancing Game

One good thing about children of this age is their happy innocence. Make a playlist of fun and fast songs that your child likes to dance to. Play it on the event and ask the guests to join in. This could be a fun alternative before the party starts and the guests are arriving or when they are waiting in line to have a piece of the birthday cake.

  •         Portrait Studio

Have all the party guests to draw a portrait of the birthday celebrant, but give them a time limit of 5 to 10 minutes. When the time is up, go around the circle and have each artist hold up their drawing. You can even ask them to sign the pictures and keep them as a souvenir.

As mothers, we should always make sure that my kids will always benefit in everything that they engage in. You could act on it, too, even on special days like their birthday parties. With social games and feelings activities like this, you can encourage their physical, cognitive and social development all at once. Here at Spec Kid Club, we understand every single one of these needs, and it is our goal to help parents fulfill it. Know more about how we can help you by visiting our website.