Bedtime Stories to Tuck Babies to Sleep

February 24, 2019

Bedtime Stories to Tuck Babies to Sleep

Generations by generation, reading bedtime stories to children are done at each side of the world. Every country has its signature children stories that are passed down each era. It is a parent and child routine. Most kids love to hear bedtime stories before they go to sleep. They usually ask their parents to read one for them.  Each child has their own favorite story.

Before I became a parent, I am a bookworm first. Since I was a kid, I already love to read. For a reason, each literary piece brings me to another place and it helped me with my imagination. I loved the feeling of knowing various characters and learning from them. Now that I have my own family, I want my child to know how wonderful literature is. I have successfully kept my favorite children’s book up until now. Those are the stories that I now share with my child.

Why Do Most Children Love Bedtime Stories?

When I was a child, I loved bedtime stories. These literary pieces have taken me to different dimensions in my dreams. My childhood became more colorful and fun because of it. Now I am trying to open my child’s mind to bedtime stories. For this can allow her to learn and enjoy childhood even more.

Bedtime stories or children’s storybooks are much better than making them watch television shows at a young age. The developing child can learn more through this activity. Reading can enhance cognitive development in early childhood. This can trigger their curiosity and will ask you to learn. Other reasons as to why children love bedtime stories are listed below:

Wakes Up Imagination

Bedtime stories are not just about humans living on earth. Made-up places, creatures, and stories are what makes a bedtime story loved by kids. Before I tuck my child to bed, I read her a story. Her usual favorites are those that have from-another-world kind of concept. When the morning comes, she will tell me about her dream that is connected to what I have read to her last night.

Waking up a child’s imagination is a good brain development activity. Their thinking skills run like a vehicle; the stories are the fuel. Their imaginative side also triggers the creative part of the brain.

Unusual Characters

Most bedtime stories have unusual characters. It’s either a talking animal, human with superpowers, and anything under the sun can be a character. My daughter loves the character of the little mermaid for she also wants to be a mermaid. Unusual things can capture your child’s interest and attention. This can catch their attention because of its uniqueness.

Sometimes my child even reenacts the character on the recent story that I read to her. She enjoys learning about various characters from different stories. Also, there are times that I have seen my child and her playmate imitate the characters from their favorite children’s storybook.

Colorful Book Layout

Children aren’t capable of reading when they are in their early childhood. Parents are their readers when they want to know a story. At first, it isn’t the story that has their attention but the pictures. The colorful design of the book amazes them. For this reason, it is recommended to buy children’s storybook that has pictures. Some children’s storybook is mostly letters; your child won’t find this fun.

Bedtime Stories for Kids

I have kept my favorite storybooks up until now. My child enjoys each story so far. It’s not just the old storybooks that I read to my child. I also go to bookstores and buy her new ones. Below are the following bedtime stories that my child enjoys:

The Little Mermaid

This well-known children’s story is my child’s favorite. It was once my favorite too! Who wouldn’t love the mermaid who captured us with her love for the human land? The little mermaid will bring you on a journey from sea to land. Children will surely love this because of characters such as Sebastion the crab and Flounder the clownfish.

The Three Little Pigs

A story of three sibling pigs who lived separately and made their own houses. The antagonist in this story is a big wolf who huffs and puffs to create damage in the whole neighborhood. This story has the iconic line of “I’ll huff, and I’ll puff” that numerous children nowadays and from the older generation know.

Peter Pan

Where the kid at heart never grows old and happy thoughts make you fly. Personally, this is one of my favorite children’s storybook. Even my child asks me to read this to her before she sleeps. Peter Pan and his place Neverland truly gives the feeling that you also want to take an adventure. Makes you want to enjoy being a child while it lasts or even when you are old.

Beauty and The Beast

If you are looking for an enchanting story, then Beauty and the Beast is a perfect fit. Pieces of furniture that can talk and sing will make tucking time in bed fun. This story also has a moral lesson that is why it is worth reading.


The famous wood character that teaches us not to lie for it will make your nose grow long. A story with value and fun characters that will surely be loved by your child. Also, it is a heartwarming story that captures the heart of a child and an adult.


Dreams do come true, and her character encourages children to believe at such a young age. Have courage and be kind is what this story teaches us. Let your child have this inspiration. Cinderella is maybe well known to be just a love story, but it has values to offer. Values that parents should make their kids learn at a young age to grow with it when they become adults.

The Little Match Girl

A story that is heartwarming and full of moral lessons. This is a must for every parent to read this to their child.  It may be too dramatic for your child, but it will surely teach your child a thing or two about life. The Little Match Girl can also become one of your child’s favorite.

Do not let your child be fond of television shows. Introduce them to literature first to make their childhood even more memorable. Give your child a magical experience even through books. This can give them a good night sleep. They may even have a good dream because of the story you read to them. Children’s dreamland will be more interesting and fun when given motivation.  Spec Kid Club can help you bring out the enchanting side of childhood that a person yearns for when they grow old.