Baby’s Sleep Routine: The Don’ts When a Baby is Sleeping

February 22, 2019

Baby’s Sleep Routine: The Don’ts When a Baby is Sleeping

Parents should always make sure that their babies get enough sleep. As an adult, we know well that when you are in the adult stage, a full 8-hours of sleep is one of the things that we cannot achieve easily. It also comes to the point that middle-aged people sleep for 4-6 hours; this should not happen to a baby’s sleep routine.

When a baby is sleeping their growth spurts are activated. In the first few months after they were born, they need more food in their system especially breastmilk from their mothers. In addition to that when they eat more often than they sleep, they tend to slumber more when they reach 4-6 months old. The first three months of their lives they store food in their system to help them grow while sleeping for long hours in the following months.

What Not To Do When a Baby is Sleeping?

A baby’s sleep routine should be monitored by parents, and a schedule should be well planned. An infant’s sleeping pattern is their own body clock, and their body automatically zones off when it is already time to sleep. Unlike adults they can’t control their sleep; they could even stay awake for a whole day.

When a baby is sleeping for hours their bodies grow fast; their growth spurts start to do their thing. The stages of physical development are assisted by sleep; this can result in a 43% growth spurt. Your child’s sleeping pattern is what you have to take note of, set the schedule. Observe your child what time they feel sleepy or when do they wake up.

Now that your baby is already sleeping, you should know what not to do while they are enjoying their slumber. If you don’t want your baby crying and wailing when they wake up, then this article can help you. What should you avoid for your baby’s sleep routine to be unbothered?

Total Quietness is Just a Myth

It was always a belief that when a baby is sleeping the whole house should stay quiet in the morning. However, this shouldn’t be practiced every day; this could affect the sleeping routine of the baby in the night. If the house is totally quiet in the morning, the baby will stay asleep until the afternoon, and it will cause the baby to not sleep immediately at night.

Is Waking Up a Baby Bad?

Waking up a baby in the midst of a soft slumber depends on what your reason is. There are reasons that you should wake up your baby that would not affect their sleeping pattern. First, if your baby has already slept for more than 12 hours, you need to wake them up already. Not waking them up early can result in babies not sleeping through the night it’s not just their sleeping pattern that will get affected but also yours. The second reason is when your baby hasn’t eaten for long hours due to sleeping, all the more reason to wake up the baby so that they won’t skip a meal. Lastly, when their diaper is already full, you should wake them up for a diaper change.

Let Them Have Enough Space

Babies have sudden gestures when they are sleeping. When you are arranging the bed for your baby before they go to bed, you should consider the space they will occupy. Don’t put too many pillows and stuff toys, this could lead to suffocation, and airborne particles can enter your baby’s lungs. Don’t let them sleep beside toys for this could cause the baby to bump themselves to it and once they woke up from a good sleep, it is hard to bring them back to slumber.

Midnight Snacks is a No-No

Don’t feed your baby at the deep hours of the night; just let them sleep. Letting them eat in the middle of the night will activate them more, and they’d stay up all night this could ruin their sleeping routine. This may also lead to calorie intake that is too much for the baby’s body to take. Yes, the baby needs different minerals, vitamins, calories, and cholesterol but you should take note of how much they receive every day. No matter how much the baby needs for them to grow just like adults the intakes are to be properly monitored.

As a parent new or not, there are still questions each day that you seek opinions from others. Even the little details or small concerns are already a big deal when it comes to your child. The baby’s sleep routine is a small matter to adults, but to babies, it is a matter of their physical and cognitive development. For more concerns and baby matters check out our website and we are willing to help more than ever.