Baby Gender Reveal

April 01, 2019

Baby Gender Reveal

So, you've taken pregnancy tests, had your first doctors appointment, and now its time to find out what your baking! Boy? Girl? Maybe your having twins! Are you growing two little girls .. two little boys .. one of each?! 

Some parents choose to find out the gender and some choose to wait until the baby is born for one big surprise. 

For those of you that without question want to know what your little baby will be here are some ideas on how to share the news!

Baby Gender Reveal: When Can Parents Know Baby’s Gender?


Aside from how you find out ... you have to decide when. You can have bloodwork done at 12 weeks ( Harmony Test) which picks up traces of your littles DNA in your blood allowing doctors to determine the risk for Down syndrome (trisomy 21) and two other genetic conditions, trisomy 18 (Edwards syndrome) and trisomy 13 (Patau syndrome). Along with picking up these possible indicators, it will also tell you if the fetus is a male or female. - this is what I did with my second! When I had the test done I made sure to tell the nurses to call me and let me know when the results were in but to put them in an envelop so I could pass it on to who was throwing my gender reveal get together. 

If you want to skip the genetic testing - which is totally optional - you can hold out until the anatomy scan at 20 weeks! This appointment is always one of my favorites because it means ULTRASOUND TIME! I love seeing baby on the screen and the anatomy scan is lots of measuring and looking at fingers and toes so its a pretty long appointment and that means lots of baby pictures!  At this scan you can either find out right then and there or you can close your eyes and have them print the picture and put it in an envelope for you to hand off - this is what I did with my first!

So, partys are always my favorite way to share with the family. Following are some ideas that you can use at your Gender Reveal Party to make finding out what your little baby will be so so special. 

1. Pop the Balloon

 Image result for balloon gender reveal

Have a friend or relative ( who can keep a HUGE secret! ) order the right balloon so you and your partner can be surprised. Invite your family and friends over to share the excitement!



      2. Cake It Up!


        That envelope that you had sealed from your doctors appointment? Take that ... still sealed! No peaking!! ... to a baker of your choice and have them color the inside of the cake pink or blue ( make sure you leave the envelope with them but don't forget to take it back so you can stick in the baby book!) You'll get to cut open the cake and see the color on the inside!

                             Image result for gender reveal cake 

              4. Balloon Box
                Similar to the balloon popping ... Decorate a big box and have it filled with pink or blue balloons. When you and your partner open the box out fly the balloons for everyone to see!

                  5. Fireworks

                  This is how we found we were having a little girl!  I loved this idea so much because it was one that I hadn't seen yet and who doesn't love fireworks. My son was super excited about getting a little brother or a little sister so we wanted to make sure we did something super cool. I handed the envelope to my best friend and she went out the next day and bought the correct color fireworks ( and yes they have gender reveal fireworks just for this!). That night we had lots of friends and family come to find out with us. Before we knew it we were counting down and then BOOM! ITS A GIRL! The sky lit up pink and all I could do was cry with joy as I heard our boy shouting YES! A BABY SISTER!!  Dad cheered with so much excitement because we now would have one of each. 

                           Image result for gender reveal fireworks

                      6. Photoshoot!

                        Have a photo shoot with your partner. Cute, silly, however you choose. The ultrasound picture will tell all! 
                        You can send photos to your family or have them over for dinner or a BBQ to share the news of the soon to be family member.

                                                 Image result for gender reveal PHOTOSHOOT stock

                          Image result for gender reveal paint

                          Image result for gender reveal scratch off


                          These are just a few ideas. USE YOUR IMAGINATION and get creative! No matter what colors you see you will be ecstatic either way!

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