DIY Baby Projects

Guys, I cannot tell you how much I love making things for my kids. From hand and footprint art, bows, and headbands for my daughter, to personalized shirts for literally every occasion. DIY has my heart. Some parents love it, some do not and that's okay! I for one am not afraid of a good project. 

 DIY projects are a great way to bond with your newborn and create memories that will last as your child grows. 

 Baby DIY Projects 

I believe that making something for your little is much more rewarding. 
Below you will find DIY baby projects you can work on with your child.

Night Lamp

Get a parchment paper and cut out different shapes on it. Find an unused lamp, remove its cover then replace it with the parchment paper. You are creating shapes such as stars, the moon, various animals, or anything your child might enjoy to see when you open the lamp when they are about to sleep. Night lamps can also help your child sleep in their room with ease

Baby Mobile

Create your baby mobile, pick objects and animals that your baby loves to look at then hang it on the baby mobile. You can also use ribbons or cloth for hanging the objects that you will use for the baby mobile.

11. Personalized Shirts and Onesies 
 This is quite honestly something I do too much. Every birthday I make them a shirt with the theme of their birthday that year. Monster Trucks, Mickey Mouse, Under the Sea, you name it. Going to Disney ... no problem! Moms making the whole family matching shirts. Holidays? You guessed it .. Moms making those shirts too! 

What do I do with all of them? Well, I save them of course! The birthday shirts especially. I plan on making them something like a quilt for when they are older as a keepsake that they can give to their children. 

12. Bows and Headbands

I never thought I would be the mom making bows for her little girl since I am not really a bow kind of person. But let me tell you, it is so fun and I love seeing her in the stuff I make. Faux leather, hot glue, and nylon bands or alligator clips and your good to go! 

13. Personalized Bibs

Design your own baby’s bib with fun and unusual details.

14. Toy Basket or Box

As a parent, it is part of the struggle that your baby's toys are scattered everywhere. Make a cute toy basket by recycling containers and designing it in a fun way.

15. Baby Art

Buy come canvas from your local craft store along with some paint and get to creating! Put some paint in a different spot on the canvas and let your baby create their own work of art. It gets messy but it's so fun to do and it makes the perfect art for the home or nursery. If you want to keep it clean, place a small canvas with paint blobs inside of a gallon zip lock bag and seal it, then give it to your baby. This allows for the same fun and art to be created but no mess to clean up afterwards! 

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