Activities to Do While Waiting for Your First Baby Before and After Birth

Being a parent will flood you with so many emotions. Sometime you might feel overwhelmed and sometimes those feelings will bring an all over calmness. Connecting with your little ones while they are still growing helps in a good way to keep the feeling of worry and nerves at bay. 

Before Birth

Listen to music! 

    This activity is called the Mozart Effect. Researchers at Appalachian State University defined the Mozart Effect as an activity which when a person listens to classical music their intelligence increases.
    This is, however, still a theory yet to be proven but listening to music is never a bad idea!  Researchers from the University of California at Irvine have observed that students have better results on exams after listening to classical music. For this reason, people believe that it is also useful for babies who are still inside the womb to hear classical music.
    If you're not into Classical music, any music will do! All the music that I played during pregnancy helped soothe both of my kids when they were babies and even toddlers. 



      Read to Your Baby

        Love to read? Read so your baby can hear you!. This will help your baby to become familiar with your voice. They don't just have to be baby books, they can be books your reading now. Mystery, Romance, the Parenting book you know your already nose deep in. Reading children stories to your baby can bring back fond memories of your own childhood.

        Don't feel like reading one night? Have your partner read! This helps then bond with baby too. 

          Nature Walk
            Excising while pregnant is always a good idea as long as you get the okay from your doctor. Aside from yoga, the most recommended exercise for pregnant women is walking. Walking can relieve stress and reduce aches. Walking places where you are close to nature can be even more relaxing. Go out on a walk with your partner; exercise together.

               After Birth

                My favorite thing to do when I bring my babies home is sitting outside on the back porch under an umbrella with the baby. Prop up my feet and just enjoy the warm sun. With my oldest, it was nice to be outside in the quite just watching him make little wiggles and silly newborn baby faces. When we brought my youngest home, being outside was an opportunity for my oldest to run like a 5-year-old boy and play with toys or ride bikes and scooters, while I again, watched my littlest wiggle and make silly newborn faces which were frequently interrupted by nose kisses from her brother. If you are planning on being outside for longer then 30 minutes or so an umbrella to sit under is recommended for baby's fair skin. 
                  Tummy Time

                    This is a fun activity that can also develop and strengthen your child’s neck, back, and tummy. You can do this for 20 to 30 minutes a day when your child is 3 to 4 months old. Tummy time can include skin to skin and a conversation between you and your baby. This is something both parents can take part in.

                    House Tours

                    You do not always have to leave the house to entertain a newbie. Take a stroll around your home!  Look and talk about the pictures on the wall, walk to all the rooms in the home. You can even tell him or her how you haven't done laundry in a few days, or how the bed looks super good for a nap! They don't mind to listen ( for now that is!) they just love hearing your voice. 

                    A house tour can also entertain your child and develop their sensory skills. Once they get a little bit older, you can show them all the light and fan switches in the house and show them how to turn them off and on when you walk in and out of rooms. 


                      Massage Baby
                        Who doesn't love a good massage .. I know I do. Babies do too! Massage your baby’s hands and feet. This helps them feel relaxed and move their bodies even more. Massaging your child’s body can be soothing for them, relieve colic, gas, and constipation. Add some lotion or coconut oil and give all those cute little arms, legs, toes, and round bellies a good rub down! 
                          Converse with Baby
                            After talking to your baby while they were growing in your belly its time to put a face to all those good talks! Like I mentioned earlier, they don't care what you talk to them about they just want to hear your voice! Sing, talk about your day, how crazy their other parent is ( that one is usually my favorite ). As they grow they will smile when they hear something they like, learn to nod and shake their heads no when they agree or disagree with something, and then eventually they will talk back to you! 


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