4 Things to Look for when Choosing the Most Educational Toys for Toddlers

Parents want all the best for their babies. I know you, parents, will get whatever your kid needs or wants! Thus, even before the baby was born, there are toys already here waiting for the cute little angel. With the excitement you feel, you tend to forget choosing age-appropriate toys.

Most educational toys for toddlers are disregarded much like the infant interactive toys. With this, parents could somehow compromise the safety and the development of the child though not intended to.

It is very much important to determine the best infant learning toys. This way you can guarantee that the toddler is given the toy that matches with the skills needed; not too late and not too early for his or her ability.

Factors to look into when selecting infant interactive toys:

Toy materials for baby’s safety – lots of toys are available for purchase online and in stores; however, you should not only consider the design of it. Instead, check after the materials being used. Avoid toxic plastics and those that are painted with lead-based paint as it may harm the baby’s health. Remember that toddlers love to put the toys in their mouth every time; thus, you have to make sure that it is safe and clean. Same goes with other learning materials like colors, pencils and more.

Sharp, sharp-edged toys - Every time you buy an object for your precious one, make sure it will not hurt when playing with it. Inspect all the edges and check if some cracks and damages might scratch. Creative minds educational toys are created to provide support for thinking skills development. However, they may sometimes be made inappropriately.

Toys with small parts – As mentioned, babies love to put everything in the mouth so you should avoid giving them toys that are too small. Keep in mind that they might swallow the object and its part including batteries, magnets and even very small toy blocks.

Hard, heavyweight toys – Babies tend to roll over in bed while sleeping and hard toys might hurt his or her body when they roll over. With this, only provide infant interactive toys that are light in weight.

Want to have some ideas of the most age-appropriate toys for your babies under one year old? Here are some of the best bets:

  • Light, non-toxic baby rattles that produces sounds – this toy is entertaining for toddlers and also enhances their sense of hearing
  • Bath toys – this way you can calm them down when crying during bath time
  • Soft stuffed toy and animals – stuffed toys that come in different shapes and colors can develop the child’s sight. Also, there will be no worries in case it falls as it may not hurt
  • Colored crib toys – cribs are now designed with hanging toys. You can select multi-colored toys where babies can look at
  • Music box – baby’s attention can easily be caught by music. Giving your little ones a nice music box will surely entertain and relax him/her

Selecting toys for your baby should be done correctly. You should NOT look only on how pretty it is but rather, how safe and appropriate it is for your infant. Ask us at Spec Kid Club about this. http://speckidclub.com/