Three Year Old Development Learning Activities

The developing child as they continue to grow their learning development increases. If you have a three-year-old toddler give them three-year-old development learning activities for further enhancement in your child’s well-being. Let them explore their capabilities so that you will also know where they lack and where they exactly need development. Parents and child can do three-year-old development learning activities together to strengthen the family bond.

Make wise decisions on what three-year-old development learning activities you will give your toddler. It must be where they will become skilled at a certain subject like dancing, arts and crafts, numbers, literature, and so on. Provide them with the best learning activities that will give a hand into the person they will become shorter.

Development Learning Activities for a Three-Year-Old Toddler

Gear up your child to be prepared for the upcoming future through three-year-old development learning activities. Four aspects of a child’s development stage need to be enhanced when they are young. Those four aspects are the sensory, physical, social-emotional, and cognitive skills of the toddler. Each aspect had three-year-old development learning activities and listed below are the examples.

Cognitive Development Activities for Three-Year-Olds

Connect the Dots Alphabet

This can help your child learn and write the alphabet easily. First, make your own connect the dots and direct your child how to follow the dots. Do this every day, and your three-year-old child will certainly learn the alphabet fast. You can also make a connect the dots of their name so that they will get used to writing it even without the dots to the trail.

1, 2, and 3

Get three containers and fill up the two containers with three objects while the last container will be filled with more than three objects. Let your child notice the difference between the three containers by counting the objects inside.

Sorting Colored Paper Clips

Give them a set of paper clips with various colors. Sort the paper clips according to its color. This will test your child’s familiarity with a wide variety of colors.

Find the Star

Load up a container with various objects and bury the star-shaped items under the rest. Your child should only grab the star-shaped items and when they found all of it give them a prize for a job well done.

Complete the Face

Draw a blank face and print the missing parts. Let your child choose where to place the facial parts then correct it if they fail to place the parts on the proper space. Repeat until they get it. You can also start to introduce the different parts of the body and start it with the face.

Sensory Activities for Three-Year-Olds

Under The Sea Sensory Bin

Create your own under the sea experience for your child to explore. Use sea creature toys and make your own coral reefs. You can also add real sand on the bottom of the container for a complete under the sea feeling.


Allow your child to play on the sandbox of a playground or construct your own sandbox. You can also give them toy buckets and shovels to like they are going to hunt down some hidden treasure.

Gummy Worms

In a box full of gummy candies hide the worm-shaped gummies and form a game that whoever finds all of the gummy worms between the both of you the winner can have the whole gummy box for themselves.

Colored Spaghetti

Mix spaghetti with a safe amount of food color for your child to enjoy and eat. They can get just their hands for eating this delicacy for sensory skills development intention.

Ice Cube Painting

Dip ice cubes in a container filled with colored water then your child can use it for painting. However, warn your child not to eat or taste the ice cube.

Social-Emotional Development Activities for Three Year Olds

The Boat is sinking

Gather up your child and their friends to play this game. The activity requires 5 or more participants to make this game more fun. Whenever the handler of the game says “When the boat is sinking group yourselves into 4” the kids should be searching for three more persons to join them to not be out of the game.  Children should follow the indicated number in the instruction shouted by the game facilitator.

Hide and Seek

This is fun within the premises of your house but once your child gets to learn to walk properly will take them to another level of hiding and seek. You can play this on your backyard for safety purposes since your child might hide somewhere far. The outdoors can give you and your child a wide variety of hiding spots that make the seeking more thrilling and enjoyable. Also, this game can be played by more than two players so better invite other kids from the same neighborhood to add up to the fun.

Musical Chairs

The merry go round kind of game that is enjoyed by children in the ages of three years old and above. With the perfect upbeat music and a lot of kids that will participate there’s no doubt that this will be certainly fun. Your child will also learn how to respect and follow instructions through this game.

Treasure Hunting by Groups

Your child and their set of friends can divide themselves into two groups. Hide several items around the house or at your backyard. Each group will have a list of five items that they will find, the first group who found all the listed objects will win the prize.


The actions in this activity can be just minimal movements whichever your child is capable of explaining and doing. However, you can also guide your child in imitating what action they don’t understand.

Physical Development Activities for Three-Year-Olds

Scoop Up the Treasure

Fill up a container with sand and bury toys underneath. Let your child scoop the toys out of the sand for gross and fine motor skills development.

Bicycle Ride

Take them out for a bike ride and teach them after. Of course, start them off with bicycle training wheels for safety purposes. This can help their gross motor skills
development and physical changes
development. Their leg muscles
are strengthened through this activity and trains their body control.

Roll down The Hills

Go for a stroll outside and visit the hills near your house. Allow your child to roll down and play all around the area. Just keep an eye and guide them during this outside activity.

Pillow Road

Scatter pillows around your living room. The rule of this game is to only walk on the pillows if they missed a step and landed on the living room floor they will lose.

Dodging Red

Build your own obstacle course at your backyard. Place red objects around the obstacle course it’s either they are going to jump over or dodge it.

Engage your three-year-old toddler in developing learning activities and continue guiding them for further good results. Maintain the healthy daily routine of your child as an assurance for a brighter future. However never pressure them when they don't participate respect your child’s development pace. Visit for more parenting and childcare advice.